Zion Lutheran School | Home of the Cougars

Zion Lutheran School is not just a private school but rather a Christian educational�institution that is open to everyone. We welcome all to come to Zion Lutheran School and be�a part of the family of Christ just as Jesus welcomes anyone to come to Him.


In teaching the faith to children of all families, Zion Lutheran School bears a strong witness in our evangelical outreach. �It is our�duty and profound...

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Website: http://www.zionls.org

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The 25 Best Online High Schools for 2016 - 2017 - Best ...

The 25 Best Online High Schools for 2016 - 2017

(Updated: September 12, 2016)

Many students in unique circumstances find themselves needing some additional flexibility in order to complete their high school degree. Whether you're a performer or athlete needing more practice time to up your game, someone looking to supplement their homeschooling curriculum, or a student with special health needs,...

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Website: http://www.bestcollegereviews.org

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ABOUT - homeschoollouisiana.org

Homeschool Louisiana?

Homeschool Louisiana is a Christian organization comprised of Christian homeschool support groups from around the state. Of these support groups, each member family becomes part of Homeschool Louisiana. This gives Homeschool Louisiana an effective membership of hundreds of families without competing with local support groups for memberships. The unique relationship...

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Website: https://www.homeschoollouisiana.org

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TN Law – TN Home Education Association

President's Bio

TN Law

The Tennessee law for home education is not perfect.  We are blessed to have a law that has many optional ways to satisfy the State's demands for enrollment, attendance, and education.  Certainly, for a republic to continue, we must have an educated citizenry.

The law compels enrollment and attendance.  Homeschoolers can satisfy the enrollment criteria by enrolling in...

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Website: http://www.tnhea.org

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Homeschool Sports » Florida Homeschooling

Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Florida (CHAA) - CHAA operates from Hollywood to Orlando, with the purpose of providing homeschooled children all the benefits of an athletic curriculum under the guidelines of professional instructors. The curriculum has been written by Coach Rick Andreassen and is approved by A.C.S.I.

City or County Leagues - Many cities offer a wide variety of...

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Website: florida-homeschooling.org

What Is CLASS - Introduction - Christian Liberty Academy ...



CLASS is a pioneer of the modern home school movement and has helped thousands of families to get started--and succeed--in home schooling. CLASS consists of thousands of home schools throughout the United States and around the world, with students ranging in age from four to adult. CLASS is accredited by the...

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Learn How a Homeschool Umbrella School Works: Is It Right ...

Homeschooling With An Umbrella School

written by: Bright Hub Education Writer o edited by: Ronda Bowen o updated: 5/26/2014

Learn about umbrella schools, how to find one to fit your needs, and how to create your own umbrella school in this informative article.

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Umbrella Schools Give Help

When you decided to homeschool, chances are one of the...

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Christian Liberty Press Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Christian Liberty Academy School System (CLASS) is available for those who are interested in a full service home education curriculum. CLASS can provide an individualized curriculum for your children based on standardized testing, and even issue report cards and transcripts when the work is submitted.

Quoted from www.homeschools.org

"When you enroll, CLASS assembles the curriculum best...

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Website: http://www.pros-and-cons-of-homeschooling.com

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CC Podcast Channel | Classical Conversations

L@L: Wesley Callihan & Astronomy

Join Leigh!@Lunch this week as Matt interviews Wesley J. Callihan about the Astronomy and the Quadrivium. Wesley J. Callihan is the Founder and Tutor of Schola Classical Tutorials. He grew up on a farm in Idaho and graduated in History from the University of Idaho in 1983. He has taught at Logos School, the University of Idaho, and New St. Andrews College in...

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Date: 2017-04-18 01:19:00
Website: https://www.classicalconversations.com

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MACHE ~ Event Info

The Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators (M.A.C.H.E.)


The 2017 Maryland State Home School Curriculum Fair

(Frederick County Fairgrounds, Frederick, MD)

April 21st , 4 P.M. to 9 P.M.

April 22nd , 9 A.M. to 4 P.M.

How do I get to the Frederick County Fairgrounds?

Click the map image to go to Google Maps

The Frederick County Fairgrounds are...

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Website: http://machemd.org

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Mountain View Christian Academy


Come see the MVCA Difference!

Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year has begun! To get more information or to schedule a school tour, call (540) 868-1231.


Who We Are

Mountain View Christian Academy is an extension of the ministry of the Church of Christ at Mountain View. Our vision is to be the premiere educational institution in Frederick County, Virginia, and a forerunner for kingdom education delivered in a manner worthy of bringing glory to the excellent name of Jesus Christ. We are accredited by the Association of...

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Website: http://mvca.ccmv.com

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30 Best Online High Schools | Successful Student Ranking

Stanford University Online High School (Stanford, CA)

Students enrolled at Stanford University Online High School have a reputation for being gifted academics and intellectual risk-takers who achieve beyond traditional expectations. From 45 of the American states and 27 countries, the diversity of the student body is a stimulant to the academic environment where students are placed by their...

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Website: https://successfulstudent.org

Whitefield – Reformed College and Seminary

Whitefield College offers Associate and Bachelor of Arts degree programs in Bible, Education, Classical Education, Philosophy, Counseling, Christian Legal Advocacy, Business Administration and American History and Government. When distance education was frowned upon, or considered to offer a less than effective education, Whitefield offered its students the opportunity to work towards their AA or...

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Website: http://www.reformed.info

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Ohio Search for Early Care and Education

Early Care and Education Programs: Early Care and Education Programs support the development and well-being of young children in a learning environment. These licensed programs meet the minimum state health, safety and administration standards required to serve children. Program settings include family child care homes and center based (school-age care, community-based preschool, public preschool...

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Website: http://childcaresearch.ohio.gov

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Homeschool Legal Defense Options

You do not have to join any group to homeschool legally; however a benefit is having access to help and legal counsel should you ever need it.

Talking with experienced individuals or lawyers can ease any anxieties new homeschooling parents feel, when trying to interpret or navigate the homeschool laws.

Finding and choosing curriculum, and administering lessons for your homeschooled children is...

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Website: http://www.homeschool-curriculum-savings.com

How to Homeschool in Louisiana - movingbeyondthepage.com

Louisiana Homeschool Laws

The state offers two registration options for homeschooling families: home study program or home-based private school. The options differ in the type/amount of information you must submit each year to the Louisiana Department of Education.

Home Study Option

Under this option, you must submit an Approved Home Study form and copy of your child's birth certificate to the...

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Website: movingbeyondthepage.com

CC students perform well at speech & debate nationals ...

The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association held its June 13-17 National Championships at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, and CC students again performed well.

Ben Vincent, a senior from Olympia, Washington, placed first in Apologetics and second in Impromptu Speeches in St. Paul. Ben is a Challenge IV student in the Lacey CC community in Washington state.

Noah Howard of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, placed second in Moot Court at the NCFCA Nationals with his partner, Noah Foster. Noah Howard graduated in May and had completed seven years in CC,...

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Date: 2019-04-10 21:43:59
Website: https://members.classicalconversations.com

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Support Groups | CHAP

Looking for a Support Group?

Click here to find support groups in your area.

Questions to ask before joining a Support Group.

Interested in signing up as a Support Group Leader?

Click here to apply or update your group's information.


Calling All Pennsylvania Support Groups!

Benefits of Support Group CHAP Affiliation:

Support group networking and referrals on homeschool information from a Christian perspective

Monitoring and reporting of legislative and legal...

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Website: chaponline.com

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Christian Homeschooling Education - Decision & Action

RESPONSES -- Responding to Common Objections (Homeschool Teacher's Lounge) -- Answering Objections (Fred Worth,...) -- Common Objections to Homeschooling (John Holt) --

SOCIALIZATION -- by Rebecca Kochenderfer (editor of Homeschool.com) -- Home School Teachers Lounge -- == Myths (Christine Web) -- ERIC Digest -- The "S" Word & links by Ann Zeise  ...

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Website: https://www.asa3.org

Home - St. John The Evangelist School



Welcome to St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, a Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth Grade coeducational Catholic school located in Carmichael, California. We are a ministry of St. John the Evangelist Parish and are a part of the Diocese of Sacramento.

Throughout these pages, you will find information about our full-day Kindergarten program, and our excellent spiritual,...

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Website: http://stjohnev.com

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Here's how homeschooling is changing in America

As children head back to school, an increasing number of their homeschooled peers will be starting their academic year as well. Homeschooling in the United States is growing at a strong pace.

Recent statistics indicate that 1.5 million children were homeschooled in the United States in 2007. This is up significantly from 1.1 million children in 2003 and 850,000 children in 1999.

The homeschooling...

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Website: http://theconversation.com

Track & Field – Shreveport Homeschool Sports

The Shreveport Homeschool Sports Track and Field team provides home educated students the opportunity to compete in middle and high school track meets.� We are members of ACEL (Association of Christian Educators of Louisiana) which conducts a regional track meet and a state track meet each year.� We compete in Texas, Louisiana, and at the Homeschool...

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Website: http://www.shreveportforce.com

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Homeschooling in Alabama - Home Life Academy

Homeschooling in Alabama

Summary of Requirements:

Register with HomeLife Academy or a local church-related school by the time school begins in your area.

Must be registered between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17). Students must be registered for the current school year if the student turns 6 by September 1 of that school year, otherwise, the student must be registered the school after...

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Website: http://homelifeacademy.com

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Homeschooling in Tennessee - Home Life Academy

Homeschooling in Tennessee

If you live in Tennessee and would like to register with HomeLife Academy, it is not necessary for you to register your K-12 grade students with the local school board or county. �In Tennessee, you have several options for homeschooling your child. �A CRS (church-related school) like HomeLife Academy is a very common choice. �It is similar to registering with...

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Website: http://homelifeacademy.com

State Requirements - NCHEA | Serving homeschooling ...

Nebraska Homeschool Laws

In Nebraska, parents choosing to homeschool must notify the state of their intention by completing the forms mandated by the state.  Homeschools are considered "exempt schools" and parents must file for an exemption under Rule 13, the rule that governs the procedures and standards for homeschooling parents.

Rule 13 affidavits state that the requirements for school...

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Website: http://www.nchea.org

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The Best Homeschooling Resources Online - parents.com

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online

Whether you've made the decision to homeschool or you're still considering the option, here are resources to offer help and guidance.

By Jamie Martin


Tara Donne

According to Brian Ray, Ph.D., president of the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooling is currently "the fastest-growing form of...

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Website: http://www.parents.com

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Goliath Academy - Earn your Accredited High School Diploma ...

At Goliath Academy, we help our students attain their High School Diploma

and then counsel them of their options for furthering their education.

Quality Christian Education

Goliath Academy is dedicated to providing a life altering Christian educational and professional learning experience to all of our students

/ 3 / 3

Start Class Today! Open Enrollment

High School Completion Program, Adult...

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Website: http://goliathacademyfl.com

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Charter School vs Public School - Diffen

9 References

What are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are also public schools, developed by teachers, parents, universities, and other organizations that want to provide alternative educational opportunities for children in their communities. Sometimes these groups are looking for something beyond what their local public schools provide; they want to employ nontraditional teaching methods or...

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Date: 2017-02-19 23:00:52
Website: http://www.diffen.com

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Harvest Christian Academy - Serving infants through 12th grade


Calling all K-12 Saints to complete your 2017-18 enrollment packets online by April 25th!

Remember that top lockers for secondary are awarded from enrollment dates! EE Saints will be receiving enrollment packets through the front office soon!

New to HCA? Call 817-485-1660 or click here to...

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Website: http://www.hcasaints.org

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Homeschooling Supplies (Aus) ---> Homeschooling Laws

Commonwealth Welfare to Work legislation


Homeschooling families have reported difficulty with Centrelink with the welfare to work legislation. Centrelink are requiring families to be registered for homeschooling with the Education Departments in the state in which they live. Many families have objections to registering and cannot comply with their request. The welfare to work legislation...

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Website: http://www.homeschooling.com.au

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Classical Education is More Than a Method | Memoria Press

If you were to ask most classical educators what classical education is, you would find them hard-pressed to give a short, coherent answer. That is the way with a lot of movements: It's easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm, but when asked to formulate what it is that excites you, it's hard to articulate.

But when you can get an answer to the question, "What is classical education?," it is...

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Website: https://www.memoriapress.com

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Check this homeschooling website for France, struggling for freedom against Macron