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Learn How a Homeschool Umbrella School Works: Is It Right ...

Homeschooling With An Umbrella School

written by: Bright Hub Education Writer o edited by: Ronda Bowen o updated: 5/26/2014

Learn about umbrella schools, how to find one to fit your needs, and how to create your own umbrella school in this informative article.

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Umbrella Schools Give Help

When you decided to homeschool, chances are one of the...

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PA Homeschool Requirements: What Homeschooling Parents in ...

Safety Education, including dangers and prevention of fires

Students in the secondary level are required to include the following in their education:

English, including Language, Literature, Speech, Composition


Social Studies, including Civics, World History, History of the United States and Pennsylvania

Mathematics, including General Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry



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The Best Homeschool Scheduling Software to Fit Your Needs

If you've been homeschooling for many years or you are just getting started, there is homeschool scheduling software that can help you. Whether you tend to plan out your entire year at once, or you only plan one week (or one day) at a time, by using software you can greatly expedite the amount of time it takes you to plan - and reschedule student assignments in your homeschool. Moreover, much of...

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Homeschooling a Child With Autism: Advice, Curriculum ...

Homeschooling a Child With Autism: Tips & Resources

written by: Lisa King o edited by: Sarah Malburg o updated: 5/26/2014

Children with autism process information differently and sometimes struggle in a traditional school setting. Many choose to homeschool a child with autism to give them undivided personal attention.

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New Research...

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Homeschool Student Year Planner - Bright Hub Education

Plan Your Homeschooling Year Using This Free Student Planner

written by: Ronda Bowen o edited by: Donna Cosmato o updated: 11/11/2012

If you feel like you're constantly treading the line between student productivity and frustration, you may want to consider looking into a homeschool student planner. Student planners help you to organize the work to be...

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