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ACE Home School Curriculum - Affordable Accredited Academics

ACE Home School Curriculum Affordable Accredited Academics

ACE home school curriculum, also known as Accelerated Christian Education, provides concerned parents an affordable, accredited home schooling solution.

ACE has been a leader in the home education movement since 1970; serving and support home educators and their families all over the world.

You will find a complete line of curriculum and...

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Abeka Homeschool Curriculum Provides Flexible Options for ...

Parent-Directed Option

Proven Curriculum

Each of the programs above, use the Abeka curriculum. Since Abeka has been around for a long time, many parents trust it. Abeka homeschool courses consist of a teacher's manual, student text, and corresponding workbooks. Some courses require additional materials - books, manipulatives, etc.

Benefits of Private School Without the Cost

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Homeschool Legal Defense Options

You do not have to join any group to homeschool legally; however a benefit is having access to help and legal counsel should you ever need it.

Talking with experienced individuals or lawyers can ease any anxieties new homeschooling parents feel, when trying to interpret or navigate the homeschool laws.

Finding and choosing curriculum, and administering lessons for your homeschooled children is...

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Free Homeschool Latin Lessons - Homeschool Curriculum, Savings

Visual Latin is a new video-based Latin curriculum designed especially for independent learners. To help you learn about their new program they are offering some free lessons so you can learn about the benefits of learning Latin as well as try out their curriculum with your children.

You can learn more about Dwayne Thomas, the Visual Latin teacher by watching this short introduction...

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Should Accredited Homeschooling Be A Deciding Factor?

Some homeschool curriculum publishers choose to provide accredited homeschooling curriculum, others choose not to have a third party give the accreditation, "seal of approval".

Becoming accredited is an entirely volunteer process, in other words, a publisher of homeschool curriculum is not required to become accredited.

A common reason for not becoming accredited is to avoid conforming to secular...

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