Florida Homeschool Groups: Homeschooling Associations in ...

This page provides useful details and links to Florida Homeschool Groups and Homeschooling Associations in Florida where you can access further information on homechooling including State laws, regulations and requirements for the homeschooling of children and students in Florida.

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We welcome any...

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17 Best images about FPEA Homeschool Convention on ...

Homeschool Convention is the official meeting of the Florida Parent Educators Association. For more than 30 years the Florida...

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Homeschool Sports » Florida Homeschooling

Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Florida (CHAA) - CHAA operates from Hollywood to Orlando, with the purpose of providing homeschooled children all the benefits of an athletic curriculum under the guidelines of professional instructors. The curriculum has been written by Coach Rick Andreassen and is approved by A.C.S.I.

City or County Leagues - Many cities offer a wide variety of...

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Homeschooling in Florida - Home Life Academy

Homeschooling in Florida

Summary of Requirements:

Register with HomeLife Academy or another private (cover) school OR fill out a Notice of Intent with your local board of education by the time school begins in your area.

Must be registered between the ages of six (6) and sixteen (16). �It is recommended that you register for the school year in which your child will be turning six (6).

180 Days...

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How to Homeschool in Florida - movingbeyondthepage.com

Florida Homeschool Laws

As you begin to set up your own home education program, there are some steps you should follow. The very first thing you will need to do is provide an official written notice of the parent's intent to begin a home education program. A parent should do the following:

Write the notice of intent and sign it,

List the names, addresses, and birth dates of the attending...

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Homeschooling in Florida - come-to-cape-coral.com

Homeschooling in Florida

Homeschooling in Florida is pretty easy - so get started by finding out all about Florida homeschool laws and requirements.

I have 2 children and have thoroughly enjoyed homeschooling since I started in 1994 when we lived in Connecticut.

Homeschools are on the rise and for good reason.� Colleges are recognizing that students educated at home are generally well...

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FL Homeschool Law - State Statutes - Homeschooling Florida

FL Homeschool Law - State Statutes

What are the homeschooling laws in FL?

Chapter 1002 of the Florida State Statutes is where the state defines the terms related to homeschooling and establishes the laws of the state regarding "Student and Parental Rights and Educational Choices."

Click here to go to the page on the Florida Legislature's website where you can read the entire chapter.

Instead of...

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Florida Umbrella Schools: Why We Don't Use One ...

Lupe Tucker 14 Comments florida umbrella schools , homeschooling in Florida , private umbrella schools , umbrella schools , umbrella schools pros and cons , why not to use an umbrella school

One of the questions we often receive from parents looking to homeschool is whether or not they should enroll in a private "umbrella" school. In Florida, one of the ways to homeschool legally is by enrolling...

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Homeschool Groups in Miami Florida - Raising a Self ...


Homeschool Groups in Miami Dade

Here's a short list of the most popular groups that offer support and enrichment classes to homeschoolers in Miami Dade. Except for FPEA, which is the organization that supports homeschoolers state wide.


Florida Parents Educators Association (FPEA)  

The FPEA serves thousands of homeschooling families in Florida, delivering a wealth of support, guidance...

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Homeschool Legal Defense Options

You do not have to join any group to homeschool legally; however a benefit is having access to help and legal counsel should you ever need it.

Talking with experienced individuals or lawyers can ease any anxieties new homeschooling parents feel, when trying to interpret or navigate the homeschool laws.

Finding and choosing curriculum, and administering lessons for your homeschooled children is...

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