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Homeschooling for a while? Tired of finding the curriculum, buying textbooks and preparing a daily lesson plan? We can do it all for you and for as little as $100.00 per month. Maybe you are new to homeschooling.

Maybe you are new to homeschooling. We can help you fill out the necessary paperwork, every parent does an online orientation so that we can fully explain how our program works.

The tuition includes teacher support and the use of our textbooks (you only pay for postage); plus, the credits earned are accredited by AdvancED and are transferable to a college or educational facility.

Our online...

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Home schooling: if a child gets bored at school, blame the ...

University holidays: all work and no play

28 Aug 2013

After the initial novelty of not going to school wore off (it took perhaps a week) everyone's patience began to wear thin, frustration boiled over, attention spans shortened and, to cap it all, Matilda said she found it just like being at school but at home. In a word: boring.

But we knew that for Matilda, the world was a wonderland of...

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Date: 2017-04-16 08:57:00

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A Beka Homeschool Curriculum

See the Christian Homeschool Curriculum that's Easy to Teach and Fun to Learn

trusted by homeschooling families for 40+ years

The Best of Both Worlds

You don't have to choose between challenging academics and a Christian worldview.

See your child grow academically, learn how to think and apply what he knows, and develop spiritually at the same time.

Colorful & Complete

Your child will look forward to home-

schooling with carefully designed books full of color and variety.

You'll look forward...

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Date: 2015-05-28 21:54:12

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Georgia Real Estate Sales, Appraisal, and Home Inspection ...

Home Inspection School

AREA is licensed and accredited by Georgia (GA) Real Estate Commission, and GA Real Estate Appraisers Board. Courses are designed to start you on the path to a rewarding and successful real estate career as an independent sales agent, appraiser and/or home inspector! AREA curriculum focuses on the skills necessary to compete in today's real estate sales, appraisal, and home...

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John Holt GWS

Dedicated to Self-Directed Education and

Learning in the Flow of Life



Our Story

After decades of work as a classroom teacher and school reformer John Holt decided that schooling was not the same as education.

After writing Instead of Education: Ways to Help People Do Things Better, John Holt learned about homeschooling and decided to support it by publishing his networking newsletter,...

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Southeast Homeschool Expo - July 27-29 - Atlanta, Georgia

Classes, Field Trips, and more!

Get Encouragement for Georgia Homeschooling!

Dedicated to Encouraging Parents as they Raise and Educate their Children

"Get Wisdom Get Knowledge - Forget It Not"

Come to a convention where you can see all kinds of home education materials!

You can buy on-site and order too! Instead of just shopping online, you can actually see the home school curriculum and homeschooling books and make better informed decisions. Hear the best in homeschool speakers that bring wisdom and helpful advice on how to educate children. Georgia homeschooling has...

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PA Homeschool Requirements: What Homeschooling Parents in ...

Safety Education, including dangers and prevention of fires

Students in the secondary level are required to include the following in their education:

English, including Language, Literature, Speech, Composition


Social Studies, including Civics, World History, History of the United States and Pennsylvania

Mathematics, including General Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry



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Rod and Staff Curriculum = Christian textbooks and workbooks

Rod and Staff Publishers

Books, Textbooks, and Curriculum

Welcome to the original online source for the full line of Rod and Staff curriculum -- Biblical, conservative, thorough, well-established, dependable, proven.

Ecommerce suspended here at

effective November 30,...

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Nitro High School – A West Virginia Exemplary School


Showcats April 17, 2017

What do Lenny Kravitz, Kevin Costner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tina Fey, Walter Payton, Ashton Kutcher and Amy Adams have in common? They all were in their High School Show Choir when they were in high school. On April 25- 28 you will have the opportunity to join the ranks of the many who made the choice [...]

Dinner Theater April 17, 2017

The 18th Annual Show Choir...

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GCSEs for Home Educators - Home Education in the UK

Home educators can start GCSE courses at any age. Some begin quite young and take just one or two at a time. Others wait until they are 16 and then enrol at a college to take GCSE subjects appropriate to their future careers. Some study for them at home, and some don't do any GCSEs at all. This kind of flexibility allows full research and study into each subject rather than simply focussing on...

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Texas Homeschool Laws » Texas Unschoolers

There are only three requirements to homeschool in Texas:

The instruction must be bona fide (i.e., not a sham).

The curriculum must be in visual form (e.g., books, workbooks, video monitor).

The curriculum must include the five basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, mathematics, and good citizenship.

There are no reporting agencies and no testing requirements for homeschoolers. The state...

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Patuxent ES Home Page - Patuxent Elementary School

Taking Photos as School Events

While we certainly understand the excitement of seeing your child at a school event and recognize your desire to photograph and celebrate your student's accomplishments, taking pictures of students, other than your own, at school sponsored events is strictly prohibited, without parent consent.  We urge all visitors while taking pictures at school events to be...

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Education in Florida - Wikipedia


There are ten public universities and a liberal arts college that comprise the State University System of Florida . In addition the Florida College System comprises 28 public community colleges and state colleges. [1] In 2008 the State University System had 302,513 students. [2] Florida also has private universities, some of which comprise the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida ....

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