Advantages of Homeschooling A Child With Autism - Autism ...

Many parents of children with autism have considered homeschooling at one time or another. Educating a child with autism can be a challenge, and many schools are not up to the task. Even schools with highly qualified teachers and excellent programming cannot give a child the one-on-one personal attention that a devoted parent can offer. Sadly, most schools are adequate, at best, and many parents...

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Autism Homeschooling Resources - The Autism Education Site

Not all children with an autism spectrum disorder are sent to a public or private school. For a variety of reasons, many families choose to homeschool their autistic child . When a parent is considering the option of homeschooling her child, finding resources to help can be time-consuming. Whether choosing between a homeschool program and school outside the home or finding an autism-friendly...

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Ohio Homeschool Assessments

Guest Post: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Homeschooling Your Child With Autism by Penny Rogers

April is Autism Awareness month. �My sweet friend Penny Rogers from Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland is visiting today. �She is a �wonderful and �insightful home schooling mom that I am honored to know.�

We didn't always� homeschool our child with autism . Logan attended public school all...

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Date: 2017-04-17 16:06:14

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Homeschooling a Child With Autism: Advice, Curriculum ...

Homeschooling a Child With Autism: Tips & Resources

written by: Lisa King o edited by: Sarah Malburg o updated: 5/26/2014

Children with autism process information differently and sometimes struggle in a traditional school setting. Many choose to homeschool a child with autism to give them undivided personal attention.

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New Research...

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Educators Deal with the Growing Problem of Autism | Edutopia

If these experiments prove successful, they may change the future of autism education throughout the United States, and not a moment too soon.

A Complex Diagnosis

Autism is not a single ailment but a complex collection of behaviors that generally surface around age two. Children can have a wide range of abilities, and the diagnosis runs along a spectrum, reflecting the child's level of cognitive...

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