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Homeschool 8th Grade Curriculum Choices and Workbox System

How and why we use workboxes for our 8th grader, as well as what we include in our workboxes!

For a full curriculum review of what we use for 8th grade, please view this video: https://youtu.be/ST--WEL5hfc

Here is where I purchased the craft cart - so far it's shown to be very sturdy, even with all the stuff I have in it! I don't know how this compares to the ones at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but I am happy with...

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Homeschool 2nd Grade Science Review - Building Blocks of Science (by Real Science 4 Kids)

This has my first impressions of the VERY hands on 2nd grade, or book 2, of Exploring the Building Blocks of Science (by Real Science 4 Kids). This curriculum is available for grade K5 through 7th grade. If your kids LOVE hands on science, this will be worth looking at!

To see the entire curricula, go here:


To download samples (materials lists are in the Teacher's Manuals), go...

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Epic Unboxing Part 2 - Homeschool 3rd Grade Complete Timberdoodle Elite Kit!

In this video, I unbox and give a preview, along with my thoughts, on all of the items in the Timberdoodle Elite Kit for Grade 3.

To view Part 1 of our Epic Unboxing for 3rd Grade, go here:


For the Timberdoodle Elite Kit, go...

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Homeschool Curriculum End of Year Review 8th grade Bookshark HIstory with Literature

Homeschool 8th grade end-of-year review of Bookshark history with literature curriculum. What we liked and didn't like, favorite books, etc.

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Epic Unboxing 2019 Part 1 - Homeschool 3rd Grade Bookshark, Beautiful Feet, IEW, Shiller Math

In this video I unbox and give previews of Bookshark Level 2 Advanced readers, Beautiful Feet Early American Literature Pack, IEW's People and Places, ShillerMath Fractions kit, and Zaner Blosser Handwriting Grade 3.

Part 2 is Timberdoodle's full 3rd Grade Elite Kit! To view Part 2 go here:


To view the resources shown in this video, go here:

ShillerLearning Fractions...

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Homeschool 1st Grade Science Fusion Review

This is a full review of HMH Science Fusion for 1st Grade. This program utilizes a text/workbook combo plus a digital package and this video covers both aspects of the program!

This course is available on Rainbow Resource here:


OR try the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op - when they offer a deal on this it's usually the cheapest place to get it. It IS on sale 30% off as of right now! You just have to set up an account before you buy from them, but it's...

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Spelling You See Review and Walk-through - Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

In this video I talk about SpellingYouSee, what the philosophy behind it is, how it works, how we use it, and how we like it. I give peeks into 4 different levels. I will give overviews of Kindergarten through 6th grade with this program.

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