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Why BookShark Homeschool Curriculum?

Engaging, book-based homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool for families of the new millennium.


There are numerous homeschool curriculums to choose from. I use BookShark. The academic standards are superb, and the curriculum is teacher friendly. The days are planned, the materials are included, and all I have to do is follow the guides. I can teach multiple kids with one package while tailoring to their specific math and reading levels. I don't lose sleep wondering if...

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Reading with History Level 3 Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 for ages 8-11

Settle foreign lands, battle for freedom and form a revolutionary new government! Relive American history from the early Native Americans through the 1850s.

Reading with History 3 integrates History, Geography, Read-Alouds, Readers and Language Arts. (Language Arts can be purchased separately.) Meet Paul Revere in a history book, then see him in a Reader. Get to know George Washington in a biography, then see him again through children's eyes in Johnny Tremain and Phoebe the Spy. As your...

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Bookshark Reading with History Level 6 World History, Year 1 of 2 for ages 11-13

Witness the rise and fall of ancient empires in this homeschool 4-day week, 36-week homeschool curriculum. Discover how people lived around the world from ancient times through the Renaissance. Meet Augustus Caesar, samurai warriors, Incan emperors, Joan of Arc and more! Bring the ancient world to life with vivid biographies, historical fiction and award-winning literature.

Watch the video to see everything included in your Bookshark Reading with History Level 6 World History, Year 1 of 2 for...

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12 Ways to Get Your Year Started Right with BookShark

Feeling overwhelmed after box day when you receive your curriculum package? Lynn Woodley, BookShark's Product Expert, outlines how to start your school year with BookShark's faith-neutral, literature-based homeschool curriculum. How to set up your Instructor's Guide binder, your student portfolios, and tips for making the most of BookShark purchase.

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Lemon Battery Homeschool Science Experiment

This video demonstrates the Lemon Battery experiment for BookShark Science 7 ►

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