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Pros and Cons of 3 Elementary Math Programs for Homeschoolers

Part 3 of 3 comparing math programs, here Abel and Nehemiah give you some of the pros and cons of each of these math options: JUMP! Math, Horizon's Math and Mathematical Reasoning. In our Complete Curriculum Kits we've opted to include both Math Reasoning and JUMP! Math in grades 1 and 2. We've opted to switch to Teaching Textbooks from 3rd grade on. (They don't yet make any lower grades than that.)

The most important tip we can give you? Stay with what works for your child and your...

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All American History vs. Graphic USA History

What are the pros and cons of each series? What homeschoolers will find All American History the best program? Why would someone pick the cartoon-type Graphic USA History series instead? Which ones are in Timberdoodle's Complete Curriculum Kits?

One clarification, All American History has two volumes, and only one is shown in this video. The second level covers the Civil War to the 21st Century.

Reviews, samples and more info is available at the following links.

All American...

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What is Mastery Versus Spiral Math?

Many math programs state that they use a circular or spiral approach. Others call themselves a mastery approach. But what do these terms mean? Homeschoolers need to understand the terms so that they can pick out the best math program for their students. Read a math program comparison here: http://www.timberdoodlecompany.com/doodleblog/2011/02/21/comparing-timberdoodles-5-different-math-curriculums/ or shop for homeschool math programs here: http://www.timberdoodle.com/homeschooling_math_s/17.htm

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How To Schedule Your Homeschool Curriculum


Scheduling can be free and stressless. Yes, really! Daniel is here to explain how Timberdoodle's Complete Curriculum packages are scheduled, and to show you how to use our free online PDFs to plan out any curriculum.

With our annual planner and weekly checklist you can not only easily set up and track your school year, but also help your children to become responsible for their own work.

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Timberdoodle's Complete Curriculum

Looking for a complete homeschool curriculum that is easy to use and provides your child with an excellent foundation without breaking your budget? Look no further!

Timberdoodle's Core Curriculum Bundles

* Cover Language Arts, Math, Thinking Skills, Science, History and more

* Available for Preschool - 10th grade

* Integrate the best programs available - Teaching Textbooks, Apologia, Language Lessons, Story of the World, Geopuzzles, Sequential Spelling...

* Easy To Implement...

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Timberdoodle compares Apologia Science and PAC Science

Have you wondered how to determine whether Apologia Science or PAC Science is the best fit for your junior high or high school student? In this video Abel and Nehemiah sort through some of the differences in these two great homeschool science programs to help make your decision easier.

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