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Walter Crawford, Founder of Homeschool Connections

Homeschool Connections is a Catholic online curriculum provider. In this interview, Walter Crawford, founder and director, shares the goals and vision of Homeschool Connections. In the spirit of Pope St. John Paul II's call for the New Evangelization, we use modern technology to bring our beautiful Catholic faith to the internet as well as provide excellent academic courses taught by master teachers.

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How To Give Your Child A Great Online Home Education - offers free math instruction and courses to homeschoolers.

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Forest Trail Academy Wellington Fl

Forest Trail Academy is a K-12 Online Homeschool serving online school education to the students nationwide and worldwide. The courses are aligned to the common core standards from Elementary school to High School. The course curriculum is developed by the educational experts. It also provides U.S diploma for International Students along with Apostille Certificate such that the degree earned is accepted in other countries. The school also provides sports training along with the education for...

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abeka homeschool

computer training online courses you can take from your computer at your own pace

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Online Homeschooling: Important Information

This online homeschooling video covers important information regarding Christian homeschool curriculum, K-12 online courses and multi media rich online Christian curriculum.

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From: Mimi Rothschild

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Negative form lesson (essential pronunciation tricks)

French lesson on the negative form in French. Join other homeschoolers from around the country for French classes online. You can also take our self-study course at

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From: Language City Academy

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Online HomeSchooling COURSE DEMO from Premiere Christian Academy

Get an overview of what our 150 Online Christian Courses are like. Our Christian curriclum offers over 75,000 video clips, 29,000 learning modules and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. For15 years we have been serving homeschooling families throughout the world. Check out our full course catalogue and SPECIAL DISCOUNT TUITION at

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From: Mimi Rothschild

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Waldorf Homeschool U x

Waldorf Homeschool U is an online course that shows you step-by-step how

to get started with Waldorf Homeschooling.

Understanding basics, setting up your school room, your rhythm, planning & presenting the material.


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From: WaldorfConnection

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Homeschool Middle School Math Online Classes

Middle School Math instruction for homeschool students.

Homeschool Connections offers online courses for homeschool families, taught in the Catholic tradition. We offer both live, interactive courses and recorded, independent-learning courses. Currently coursework begins at 6th grade and is offered through high school. We are currently working on a grade school, parent-led program.

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From: Homeschool Connections

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Why Should I Learn Shakespeare: Catholic Homeschooling

Dr. Henry Russell teaches classical literature for Homeschool Connections, a Catholic online curriculum provider. His courses, including many Shakespeare courses, can be take in two ways. 1. As live, interactive classes. 2. As recorded, independent-learning courses.

To learn more about Dr. Russell go to

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From: Homeschool Connections

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Online Homeschool Physics Classes

Available again in 2015/2016!!!

Welcome to Homeschool Connections Physics all prospective students and parents! Physics can be taken live online in the fall, or as an independent-study course any time of the year. Either way, I am excited to work with you as we join together on an adventure through the mechanical workings of God's universe. Be sure to sign up for Mechanical Physics or Conceptual Physics. And remember, "Physics is Phun!"


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From: Homeschool Connections

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The Benefits of Mass Production | Homeschool Economics Curriculum Sample

Full product information available on the Compass Classroom website.

Is mass production a good thing or a bad thing? Find out in this sample from Economics for Everybody, the online homeschool economics course from Compass Classroom.

Are you looking for a fantastic economics course online? Then look no further than Economics for Everybody from RC Sproul Jr. This fantastic course was designed specifically for the homeschool family and is both affordable and easy to...

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From: Compass Classroom

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Free Homeschool Planning Forms

Download for free here, as a PDF file.

To find more free homeschool forms, visit

Homeschool Connections is a Catholic online curriculum provider. We offer online courses in all subject areas. Your student can pick & choose individual courses or you can design a full course load through Homeschool Connections.

We offer both live, interactive courses and recorded, independent-learning...

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From: Homeschool Connections

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7th Grade Science Homeschool Course

Online Science Homeschool Course. Watch a free lesson here:

This is an introduction to a comprehensive, self-taught, self-paced homeschool science course. Students learn through videos and projects. This course contains 180 lessons (one full year of study).

In this video, Daniel Dignan shares what makes this science course unique and beneficial to students and parents.

The course contains six 30 lesson sections:

Radio and Electronics ...

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From: CreateAndLearn

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