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Check out these amazing Usborne Books & More titles you can use in your homeschool! Art, science, history, creative writing, and MORE! Perfect for supplementing your homeschooling curriculum!

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Writing & Rhetoric | Homeschool Curriculum Spotlight Review

Writing & Rhetoric is my favorite writing program. After trying several programs & methods, we landed on Writing & Rhetoric as a fit for two of my very different writers. Beginning in 3rd/4th grade, Writing & Rhetoric will take your child through a complete writing program over 10 books.

Corresponding blog post:

I am Tricia, a military wife & SAHM-turned-homeschooling mama to three kids. Home for us is hard to define....As the saying goes,...

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Encouraging Children to Write

How can parents encourage their children's creative writing? This video is an excerpt of Homeschool Highways, Episode 2. To see the entire interview, please view

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Homeschool Writing Curriculum: Writers in Residence

Video review of the homeschool writing curriculum, Writers in Residence by Apologia from Karyn at Teach Beside Me. See more details on this curriculum here:

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Homeschool Curriculum Review: Apologia Writers in Residence Vol. 2

(I received this curriculum for free and was compensated for writing an honest review on my blog. I was not compensated in any way for this video. I chose to do this on my own.) After receiving tons of questions about this writing curriculum after posting a photo on Instagram, I decided that the best thing to do is make a video where everyone can see what it's like firsthand!

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What Notebooking Looks Like in Our Homeschool This Year -


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Homeschool High Schoolers Write, Edit, Publish, and Market a Novel

Frontier Christian Academy's Novel Writing and Publishing Course has the students plan, write, edit, revise, publish, and market a novel as a requirement for this one year homeschool, high school, online, interactive, enrichment course.

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First Grade Scholastic Success With Writing Review | Homeschool Pop In this 1st grade review learn about the Scholastic Success with Writing first grade workbook!

Click the link above to get a GREAT deal on the Scholastic Success with Writing curriculum workbook, or to get great deals on other curriculum and learning materials!

This workbook is tremendous for students who need to review or find themselves behind in the concepts. It is very simple and easy for students to understand, and the activities are fun enough for students to...

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Scholastic Tutorials - Homeschool Student Online Registration

This tutorial is intended to be used by teachers and students participating in the Scholastic Writing Awards Program in Lancaster County PA.

This tutorial will walk you through registering online as a homeschool student.

Key Words: writing scholastic library lpl registration students homeschool

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Homeschool 2015-2016 Literature, Grammar & Composition Curriculum (High School)

Hey again! Here are our pics for Mini Mama's high school lit, grammar and composition for this upcoming school cycle.

***Correction*** The Prentice Hall Lit text is 9th grade not 11th. However the BJU program is 11th grade which will give her a substantial overarching exposure to American Lit.!

501 Writing Prompts:

Signet Teacher's Literature Guides:...

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Homeschool Curriculum - 7th, 5th, 1st - My Father's World

Homeschool Curriculum is one of my favorite things! New books make me happy! We are using My Father's World, 1850-Modern Times, as well as their First Grade, Learning God's Story. I love My Father's World for the biblical worldview as well as the family learning. This year, I will have a 7th, 5th, and 1st grader, plus a Preschooler, as well as an almost 3 and 1 year old. Yep, 6 kids! Subscribe to my channel to see more of our large family homeschool.

My Father's...

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IEW Story Quest Creative Writing Lesson Plans IEW publishes Story Quest to provide Creative Writing Lesson Plans so homeschool moms & classroom teachers can teach how to write a story

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Homeschool Curriculum for 2017-2018 !

Find Story of the World here:

Find Project Passport here:

Find Writing Through Medieval History here:

Find Teaching Textbooks here:

Find Switched on Schoolhouse here: (link to the entire 6th grade curriculum)

You can find our Bible curriculum at

Find our typing programs here: and here:

Homeschool For Two is a member of the...

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50 Creative Writing Prompts - Danger, Mystery & Adventure Thinking Tree Sarah Brown

A Fun-Schooling Journal for Creative Writing - Ages 10 and Up. This intriguing book will inspire you student to write stories packed with adventure, mystery, fun, danger and humor. Your student will need to do a some research to complete some of the stories by delving into topics related to Geography and Social Studies.

Use this fun book of creative writing prompts as part of your homeschooling curriculum plan. This book is best for boys ages 10 to 17.

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Middle School Essay Writing Course Demo

An interactive approach to learning all aspects of essay writing with the 1-to-1 guidance of a certified teacher. Watch and discover how the Time4Writing process helps move middle schoolers from paragraphs to essays in just 8 weeks! Perfect as a homeschool curriculum or as a supplement and support for classroom learning.

For more info on Middle School Essay Writing, visit our course page:

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Online Homeschool Curriculum

A great choice for homeschool writing curriculum! Learn more about this online homeschool program chosen as one of Cathy Duffy's Top 102 Picks.

A homeschool mom often struggles finding a homeschool writing curriculum to fit her needs whether she has a reluctant writer or a gifted writer. With Essentials in Writing, your students will follow a step-by-step writing process, while watching all videos online (or DVD if you choose) as Mr. Stephens models each...

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Lesson Sample (Grades 1-3) "Once Upon a Fable" Writing Project

Lesson sample from Here to Help Learning's online homeschool writing curriculum.

Writing level: Mastering paragraph writing (Grades 1-3)

Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program

Filmed instruction/scripted lessons/worksheets

Six years of instruction-Grades 1-6


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Dyslexia Chat w/Breezy

A heart to heart chat about our journey with dyslexia, what we used, where we are today, how long it took and so much more!

Lamp + Light Homeschool Curriculum

Salty Tribe Instagram

Lamp + Light Homeschool Group

Salty Tribe Homeschool Group

Salty Tribe FB Page

Our Other Dyslexia Video :...

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How to Teach Children to Read When Homeschooling : Writing the Alphabet for Homeschool or Tutoring

Great homeschooling or tutoring tips on writing the alphabet! Teach kids to read in this free video series on home schooling and tutoring young children.

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Online Homeschool Writing Program

Aquinas Writing Advantage Program, through Homeschool Connections, is a complete middle and high school writing program designed for homeschooling families. The scope and sequence can be found here:

For the course catalogs, visit:

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From: Homeschool Connections

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Are Your Kids Learning Enough in Homeschool?

One of the great problems homeschool educators face is a lack of confidence in asking, "Are my kids learning enough?" In this video, Dr. Lybrand explains what your students really need to know for college readiness. This simple conviction can be a game-changer for most of us! Visit for more information!

#kids #parenting #homeschooling #homeschool #writing #homemanagement # parenthood #homeschool #education

#education #writing #math

Join me:...

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From: Fred Ray Lybrand

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Homeschooling English 9-12: Creative Writing Features Summary Video

Learn about the The Jubilee Academy here:

The Jubilee Academy provides a unique homeschooling experience:

• they revolutionize homeschooling

• unlimited teacher support

• stress free homeschooling

Wanna see more? Click here!

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Essentials in Writing Curriculum Review/homeschool writing curriculum

If you have access to a DVD then this is a curriculum you may enjoy. Comment down below your favorite homeschool writing curriculum. Thanks for watching!


Instagram: katielyn04

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From: Katie Lyn

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Homeschool Writing Curricula Comparison

Curious about how different homeschool writing curricula compare? Which one is best? The answer may surprise you.

I use (and love) a number of homeschool writing curricula --though not all at the same time on the same child ;-) Here is how they compare.

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From: Pam Barnhill

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Teaching Writing in Your Homeschool

If you're struggling with teaching writing in your homeschool, here are some tips which should get you back on track!

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- Smart Kids Who Hate to Write -

- 4 Tips to Help Your Reluctant Writer -

- Teaching Writing to Older Kids -

WriteShop Products (aff) =...

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From: Homeschool-Your-Boys

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Write from the start - homeschool writing curriculum choice!

via YouTube Capture

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Homeschool Writing Curriculum: Writers in Residence

Video review of the homeschool writing curriculum, Writers in Residence by Apologia from Karyn at Teach Beside Me. See more details on this curriculum here:

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From: Teach Beside Me

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TeacherFileBox Tutorial: Giant Write Everyday Grades 2-6

Tips for building your homeschool writing curriculum within TeacherFileBox using Evan-Moor's Giant Write Everyday. This title offers fun writing prompts that develop students' writing fluency, vocabulary, and creativity. For more information visit How to Build a Homeschool Writing Curriculum at

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From: Evan Moor

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