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A Fun Way To Teach History To Children! The Story Of The World

This is how we teach history in our home. Unbiased, diverse, hands on, and FUN!!!

Most of the resources I showed will be used again for middle school and even high school (if we homeschool that long).

You can find many of these books at your local library most of the time. If you want to be frugal, check your library. Or you can buy books used. ;) You can even use some of these books as curriculum spines and create your own curriculum.

The Story Of The World can be purchased on Amazon and...

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History & Science HOMESCHOOL Curriculum | 2017-2018

See what homeschool curriculum we will be using in history & science for elementary and middle school! This week I will be sharing all of our homeschool curriculum choices for 2017-2018 school year.

Blog post with links to curriculum & video spotlights:

Playlist for 2016-2017 Curriculum Choices:

I am Tricia, a military wife & SAHM-turned-homeschooling mama to...

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Cheverly Homeschool Coop: America and its Flag

Cheverly Homeschool Coop performs history dramatization on the American Flag and the National Anthem

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Afterschooling / Homeschool (Science, History, Gov't, Geography) Curriculum (all age groups)

UPDATE: Now that we are homeschooling full time as of the 2018-2019 school year, some of these resources are used as core curriculum. An updated video of our current core (primary) curriculum, resources, and approach will be uploaded in November / December 2018.

These are the resources and supplements that we use for teaching science, world history, African American history, government, and geography.

These subjects are taught with unit studies, lapbooking, read alouds, and hands on lessons....

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How to Homeschool History with Living Books

Homeschooling and education are my passion. It is my fervent hope to one day devote more time to creating content for you. If you'd like to support this ministry, consider supporting me on Patreon @

Thank you so much. I appreciate each and every one of you!

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Large Family...

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Building a shaduf - homeschool history - story of the world "the first Nomads become farmers".

via YouTube Capture

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Black History Month for Kids

Learn about Black History Month in this video for kids! You will learn about how Black History Month began, and why it is so important to celebrate!

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Thanks for watching this Homeschool Pop video, a video for kids about Black History Month.

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Elementary History Courses - Homeschool Curriculum

The Connect The Thoughts Elementary History courses focus on the key accomplishments and ideas found in history. Each central idea is explained in writing, giving the student some serious reading practice, and then explored through activities carefully crafted to be done, and to help provide the young student with a hands-on idea of what each culture created and added to the human experience. Important words are defined for the student as he studies. Focused on...

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Second Grade Homeschool Stuff!

My daughter looking over our materials for 2nd grade. We are so excited and can hardly wait for August to get started! Just noticed I didn't talk about Language Arts at all. Oh well, we will borrow all the "readers" from the library, so they aren't on the table anyway. We use:

Sonlight curriculum for History, Bible, Language Arts, Reading and Science.

Sequential Spelling, by Don McCabe

Handwriting Without Tears, by Jan Z. Olsen

Math-U-See, by Steve Demme.

Artistic Pursuits, by Brenda...

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Free and Cheap Homeschool Materials 4

To find out more about any products I talked about in this video along with other free and cheap homeschooling materials please check out our website and/or Facebook page.

Big Book of US Presidents -

Presidents Day Unit Study -

Life of George Washington -...

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Homeschooling Social Studies 10-12: U.S. History Features Summary Video

Learn about the The Jubilee Academy here:

The Jubilee Academy provides a unique homeschooling experience:

• guaranteed homeschool success

• individualized course of study

• it's a multimedia based education

Wanna see more? Click here!

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All American History vs. Graphic USA History

What are the pros and cons of each series? What homeschoolers will find All American History the best program? Why would someone pick the cartoon-type Graphic USA History series instead? Which ones are in Timberdoodle's Complete Curriculum Kits?

One clarification, All American History has two volumes, and only one is shown in this video. The second level covers the Civil War to the 21st Century.

Reviews, samples and more info is available at the following links.

All American...

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7th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

Here are my 7th grade homeschool curriculum choices for the 2017-2018 school year.


BJU Press Distance Learning*

Demystifying the Spell to Write and Read program

Why I Love Math-U-See and 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Using It

The Mystery of History*

*Some links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of...

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Graphic Organizer

How to create your own graphic organizer for your homeschool using Google Docs. I'll show you how I made one for my daughter's 4th grade history studies.

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Reading with History Level 3 Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2 for ages 8-11

Settle foreign lands, battle for freedom and form a revolutionary new government! Relive American history from the early Native Americans through the 1850s.

Reading with History 3 integrates History, Geography, Read-Alouds, Readers and Language Arts. (Language Arts can be purchased separately.) Meet Paul Revere in a history book, then see him in a Reader. Get to know George Washington in a biography, then see him again through children's eyes in Johnny Tremain and Phoebe the Spy. As your...

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American History: Great Depression: Causes of The Great Depression - This K12 online American history video will assist American history students to study and examine the causes of the Great Depression that occurred in the 1930's and that had worldwide repercussions. Our videos have been developed to support the K12 curriculum for homeschool students and elementary, middle, and high school and college classes. From the Zane Education K12 curriculum online video eLearning library for teachers, parents, students, tutors and homeschool

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Do Our First Lesson With Us-Notgrass Our Star Spangled Story!

Come along with us as we do the first lesson in Notgrass Our Star Spangled Story. We did not do the rhymes and rhythms book because my husband wasn't here and I couldn't find the external CD drive. We will be doing the read-aloud as part of bedtime reading. We also did not do the hands on activities for the day, because the girls were having a great time coloring kids from different places. The lesson itself took about 20 minutes, but the girls spent longer coloring. In the next lesson we get...

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Cycle 2 History / Homeschooling

History books for littles through middle school.

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From: A. Cherry

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Homeschooling Social Studies 10-12: U.S. History Features Summary Video

Learn about the The Jubilee Academy here:

The Jubilee Academy provides a unique homeschooling experience:

• guaranteed homeschool success

• individualized course of study

• it's a multimedia based education

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Homeschool History | Islamic & British Curriculum

History is one of my favourite subjects to teach in our homeschool, especially Islamic history! I am very excited to share with you our Living History curriculum choices for the coming homeschool year!

Download our FREE Homeschool History Reading Plan, and you can read these beautiful books along with our family!


Watch my Video Review of "Our Island Story" and SOTW:...

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From: Our Muslim Homeschool

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History for Homeschoolers-Interactive Notebook

History for Homeschoolers introduction to the Texas History course and the interactive notebook.

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From: storkpond

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History Odyssey- Ancients

My review on the history homeschool curriculum, History Odyssey. This is for the Ancient level.

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From: Amanda Williams

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Homeschool History Through the Ages Review World History Study

History Through the Ages Homeschool Curriculum Review

Looking for a secular homeschool history curriculum? You might want to consider History Through the Ages, a fun, hands-on supplement to your history curriculum.

Read my complete review:

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From: Patricia Espinoza

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Atlanta History Center Homeschool Day Long Live Learning

Video of Review of Atlanta History Center Homeschool Days 2012

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From: Happy Trails Wild Tales

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Homeschool: US History Books

US History books and resources for your homeschool

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From: Priscilla Muriel

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Check this homeschooling website for France, struggling for freedom against Macron