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Aslan High School for Non-Traditional Students.

voir la vidéo We are a small, unique secular online high school and academy for the student who doesn’t fit the traditional stereotypical role, and needs or wants one on one instruction, all through the convenience of live video via Skype in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

We fill the niche for students who need personalized and encouraging monitoring to ensure they learn and succeed. Our highly qualified master teachers specialize in providing excellent individualized...

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Teaching Ideas: Is Accreditation Needed to Issue a Homeschooling High School Diploma? (episode 7)

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In episode 7 of the homeschooling series, "Teaching Ideas," Diane Lockman (The Classical Scholar) discusses whether your homeschool needs to be accredited in order to issue a high school diploma.

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Beryl Amedee, CHEF of LA's Legislative Liaison, explains the laws regarding homeschool diplomas in Louisiana.

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Intro to Homeschooling, Issuing a Diploma - 10

Washington Homeschool Organization's Introduction to Homeschooling. Issuing a Diploma.

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Earn Your Diploma From Online Homeschooling Programs

Many schools offer High school diploma from homeschooling programs here also Stanley High School offering High School Diploma program for those students and adults want to learn own pace or homeschooling system some choose this program for their jobs.

For further details visit our website:

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Do homeschoolers need high school diplomas?

Do homeschoolers need high school diplomas?

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Wallet Diploma for Your Homeschool Grad

The diploma you issue your homeschooler should be as nice or nicer than what their public-schooled neighbors receive. All of our diplomas are offered with the laminated wallet diploma and the student's name on the diploma cover.

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How to Earn a Homeschooling Diploma?

Stanley High School offers Homeschooling Diploma Programs you can earn diploma easily. It’s also best for Adults or those who have short time for getting education because of their job but they can earn diploma online now and can continue their jobs as well.

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