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Earn your nationally accredited high school diploma online with Excel High School Online - www.excelhighschool.com

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Old Cockrill Academy | Champions | American Graduate | NPT

A unique, non-traditional school program in Nashville offers students who are behind in graduation credits a chance to catch up and earn a regular high school diploma.

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Recovery High Documentary Trailer 2018

"Recovery High," produced by Emmy award winner Zak Piper, "America to Me" producer John Condne and directed by veteran Time Magazine photojournalist Steve Liss, chronicles a year at a remarkable public high school, where students earn a diploma while working to recover from their drug addictions. Please visit our website https://www.recoveryhighfilm.org/ for more pictures and info. And please visit our GoFundMe site to help us finish this film https://www.gofundme.com/recovery-high.

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Career Online High School - The Library's Role

Part of the world's first accredited, private online school district, Career Online High School is specifically designed to reengage adults into the education system and prepare them for entry into post-secondary education or the workforce through a high-quality, supportive, online education program.

Students begin coursework in one of eight high-growth, high-demand career fields (anything from child care and education to certified transportation), before progressing to the core academic...

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Try an Apprenticeship Course via Ontario's Dual Credit Program

Ontario's Dual Credit Program offers senior Ontario High School students an opportunity to experience an apprenticeship program while earning both a college credit and a credit towards a High School diploma.

The Dual Credit program is intended to encourage eligible secondary school students to complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma while exploring postsecondary education at an Ontario Community College. For more information on programs and eligibility contact the Guidance Counsellor...

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American (Online) Middle and High School

Fully Accredited Online Middle and High School. Work at Your Own Pace around your schedule. Flexible, Affordable, Challenging and Engaging. Earn your Diploma Online

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Top 3 alternatives to high school 2019

School isn't for everyone but you can still earn a diploma without physically attending a high school. Learn about 3 lowkey options from an education expert who knows the inside scoop!

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Career Academy Promotion

California Career Academy is a tuition-free, online high school with six in-demand career tracks. Students ages 14-24 are eligible to enroll and earn a high school diploma.

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Waipahu student earns Leeward CC degree before high school graduation

Waipahu High Schoolʻs Rovy Anne Dipaysa is the first Early College student to earn her associate in arts degree before her high school diploma. Early College offers the opportunity for students to take college courses at their high school and earn credit toward their high school graduation and college degree.

Read more at UH News: https://www.hawaii.edu/news/2017/12/18/waipahu-student-earns-leeward-cc-degree-before-high-school-graduation/

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Earning a GED - High School Diploma Online

In�today's technology rich environment, it is easier than ever to earn a high school diploma or equivalent online. Although the GED test cannot be taken online, there are online high schools that offer a high school equivalency diploma entirely online. Earning a diploma online is not easier than in a traditional classroom, but is certainly more convenient.

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