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A Collection of 50 Free Dr. Seuss Printables including Math,...

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Beginning Homeschooling: Find Homeschool ... - EHO Lite

Our new blog that lets you know about good deals available with a focus on Christmas gift giving.

Latest Homeschool Article at Beginning Homeschooling


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Homeschool Science Education

Here's the EASY way to teach science!


Just click a grade level below to find out which science topics your kids should be learning and which curriculum is best for them.

Your kid can easily learn and do real science and be excited about it!

Are you a homeschool parent? You're a stay-at-home parent, working professional, or somewhere in between, who places a high value on...

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Date: 2015-07-10 21:27:05
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Our Homeschool Schedule (with Free Printables to Make Life ...

Our Homeschool Schedule (with Free Printables to Make Life Easier)

Our Homeschool Schedule???

Nope. That is not an accurate title. We really do not have a schedule in our home. We have more of a routine. Certain things happen in a certain pattern, but if I try to make school happen at a specific time each day, there will be meltdowns. Special thanks to our unique brand of Autism.

After spending...

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Free Online Summer School Links - Homeschool Curriculum

Free Online Summer School Internet Links

Use the Internet to locate free, online, summer school resources to review core subjects and keep information "fresh" for your children.

Online home school education is available for grades preschool through high school, you just have to be willing to search for it.

You can find materials that work best for your specific type of learner by choosing wisely...

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A Beka Book :: Getting Started with Homeschooling

Know the Homeschooling Laws in Your State

Most legislation concerning homeschooling occurs at the state level, and each state has its own homeschooling regulations. Some states have few requirements; for example, requesting that parents send a letter to the appropriate educational department. Other states require more detailed information, such as notification of when...

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Queen Homeschool Supplies coupon codes: April 2019 free ...

Paste the coupon code into something like "Promo code" or "Coupon code" or "Discount code" box at checkout page on Queen Homeschool Supplies website.


Fianlly, apply the Queen Homeschool Supplies coupon code and the page should reflect your savings amount. Now you are good to continue your purchase.

Queen Homeschool Supplies Coupon code not working? Try these tips.

Coupon codes are case...

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Homeschool Planning Resources & FREE Printables - My Joy ...

Homeschool Planning Resources & FREE Printables

April 24, 2014

If you would like FREE updated printables for the 2016-2017 school year, click the graphic below.


It's that time of year when many homeschool families are finishing up the last of their lessons, all the while, mom is thinking ahead to the next school year.  Homeschool convention season is in full swing and homeschool parents are...

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Date: 2017-04-18 01:43:47
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Umbrella or Cover Schools -- Distance Learning for ...

The Homeschool Diner's Guide to

Umbrella Schools and Cover Schools for

Homeschool Distance Learning

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Here are several Distance Learning "Umbrella" or "Cover" schools which

can oversee and provide record-keeping services (grades, transcripts,

diplomas, etc.) for homeschooled students. �Many will customize the

curriculum for each student, some will work with...

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Date: 2016-11-26 07:41:40
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About - West Virginia Home Educators Association

The West Virginia Home Educators Association was founded in 1986 to assist homeschooling families. WVHEA is open to everyone, regardless of religion, personal beliefs, or educational philosophy. It is a nonprofit organization run by...

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Typesy Homeschool | Touch Typing & Keyboarding Software & App

Keyboarding is essential for homeschool kids.

And required by the common core.

In 2018, correct touch typing (keyboarding) is the single most important computer skill for students to learn. In fact, keyboarding is so important, that it's a mandatory part of the national common core education standards . So why shouldn't homeschool kids get the same premium instruction as top schools and...

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FREE Online Phonics Lessons! - How To Homeschool For FREE


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Probably one of the most daunting aspects of beginning homeschooling is the thought of teaching your child to read. You might think you can't do it, but if you educate yourself, you can! Not every child reads at the same age, which is why some aren't really ready for school by the age of 5. If you are patient and diligent, it will get done! � Here is a great resource �for...

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10 Best Books for Homeschool Moms — Homegrown Learners

9. � Soundbites from Heaven: �What God Wants Us To Hear When We Talk to Our Kids

This is a great devotional - and it made me think a lot about how I speak to my children, and what that says about myself and my walk with God. It was a bit painful to read, but I believe it grew me in an area where I needed (and still DO need) work.

10. � Weapons of Mass Instruction: �A Schoolteacher's Journey Through the...

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