Free: California Home Study Traffic School Booklet ...

FREE: California Home Study Traffic School Booklet

A member of Listia gave this away for free!

Do you want FREE stuff like...

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Home School Connection | Cool stuff for home schoolers!

Cool stuff for home schoolers!


Flash�Cards for Visual Achievers!

Look Mom! No Answers!

The cards with answers for the visual learner are a wonderful tool but as students grow...

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Free Home School Lessons | LoveToKnow

Free Homeschool Material

The following are a few of the websites that offer free home school lessons:

Lesson Plans Page - no matter what subject you are looking for, this website probably has it. They have over 3500 lesson plans that are free to download. Choose from art, computers, physical education, math, music and more for students in Pre-K through 12th grade.

Scholastic - not just for...

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West Virginia Support Groups, Email Lists and Charter ...

This is a group for Wood County,WV and Surrounding area homeschoolers interested in sharing, borrowing, swapping, or selling homeschool curricula, books, educational software, videos, equipment, science kits, kids' sports equipment, other homeschool-related items AND other items, such as clothes, toys, games, ETC.

Jackson County WV HomeSchoolers


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How To Finish High School Online For Free - Get Diploma

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How To Finish High School Online For Free

Instead of physically sitting in class, you can take all the same courses online from the comfort of your own home and finish high school online. There are...

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Canadian Home Education Resources Company Profile ...


Canadian Home Education Resources provides Good Stuff for Home School Families and anyone else who loves kids. ...� more


+ Get 10 Free Contacts a Month

Please accept to the terms and...

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Homeschool School Room Ideas - Successful Homeschooling

Homeschool School Room Ideas

Are you looking for ways to organize your homeschool school room?� Here are some ideas for turning your home school schoolroom into a place where you and your kids will thrive!

Declutter your Homeschool School Room

Many of us just have too much stuff!� Removing clutter helps you think more clearly and makes it easier to keep things clean.

Start by getting rid...

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Home traffic schools accelerate - SFGate


Published 4:00 am, Sunday, December 7, 1997

1997-12-07 04:00:00 PDT SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA; CALIFORNIA -- Mention traffic school to any errant motorist and you'll likely get a groan.

Now there's a way to avoid spending Saturdays sitting on a hard chair for eight tedious hours. Of course, the Department of Motor Vehicles isn't happy about it. And most Bay Area...

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Homeschool English Lessons for Kids, Teach kids at home ... : Free Math Worksheets, Games, Quizzes, Videos and eBooks for Learning and Teaching Math.

Our ESL Websites - We endorse the contents of the following sites

Kiz School - This site offers English Courses for kids from Preschool, Kindergarten to 6th Grade. You don't have to be a...

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Free Homeschooling Resources - Free Stuff and Samples

Whether you are considering homeschool or you are already committed to educating your children in the home, finding resources for this method of learning can be daunting. However, it does not have to be expensive. Nowadays thanks to the Internet you can find curriculum, worksheets, and ideas for teaching methods without paying anything. You can take your children on virtual field trips to all...

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