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Homeschooling in Florida!

This site is designed to provide all the information you need to get started, continue, progress, and complete homeschooling students in the state of Florida. We are to give you the homeschool help you need. Please give us your suggestions, opinions, requests, etc. Click Contact at the top of page here.

Here you will find the FL State Statutes that govern home education...

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Homeschool Standards | Let's Homeschool

Homeschool Standards

Teaching Standards

Each state can set standards for the teachers in its public and private schools. In public schools, this first of all often means that teachers are required to have an explicit teaching degree . Not only must a teacher be competent in mathematics, history, English, or biology as a subject area, but he or she must also be qualified by coursework and...

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FL Homeschool Law - State Statutes - Homeschooling Florida

FL Homeschool Law - State Statutes

What are the homeschooling laws in FL?

Chapter 1002 of the Florida State Statutes is where the state defines the terms related to homeschooling and establishes the laws of the state regarding "Student and Parental Rights and Educational Choices."

Click here to go to the page on the Florida Legislature's website where you can read the entire chapter.

Instead of...

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How to Homeschool in Florida -

Florida Homeschool Laws

As you begin to set up your own home education program, there are some steps you should follow. The very first thing you will need to do is provide an official written notice of the parent's intent to begin a home education program. A parent should do the following:

Write the notice of intent and sign it,

List the names, addresses, and birth dates of the attending...

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FL Homeschool Evaluations - Florida Certified Teacher ...

We are Homeschool Parents & a Florida Certified Teacher


Sin Exámen Requerido

Portfolio Review OR Standardized Test - Your Choice

CYBER (email/U.S. Post) OR In Person - Your Choice

Español - Francais - English

Florida homeschool parents have many choices

& the FREEDOM to teach your children well!

Annual Homeschool Evaluation - $28

Evaluations for Every Grade level...

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Florida Umbrella Schools: Why We Don't Use One ...

Lupe Tucker 14 Comments florida umbrella schools , homeschooling in Florida , private umbrella schools , umbrella schools , umbrella schools pros and cons , why not to use an umbrella school

One of the questions we often receive from parents looking to homeschool is whether or not they should enroll in a private "umbrella" school. In Florida, one of the ways to homeschool legally is by enrolling...

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How to Homeschool in Florida - Homeschooling Florida

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Step 2: Keep a Portfolio

The purpose of a portfolio, according to Florida Statute 1002.41, is to document "the student's demonstration of educational progress at a level commensurate with her or his ability."  Therefore, to prepare for a portfolio review the most important thing to remember is to focus on your child's progress, and clearly document it. Some parent just keep all...

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