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Home Education is one of five legal ways to satisfy the compulsory attendance law. Florida Statute 1002.41 gives parents the choice of achieving regular school attendance through ONE of the following provisions; a public school, a parochial, religious, or denominational school, a private school, a home education program, a private tutor program.

In all cases, a child who turns six before February 1st of the school year is subject to compulsory attendance and must attend school regularly the entire school term.

Home Education Requirements:

Should you want to enroll your child in...

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Welcome to the official website of the Florida Home Education Program in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.  This site is filled with resources designed to support the home school education community.  We trust that you will find these resources useful!

Florida Home Education Program Spring 2017 FSA, EOC, FCAT 2.0, and SAT-10 Test Information

Information on the FLDOE Spring 2017 Florida...

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Student Services / Home Education

A Home Education Program, as defined in section 1002.01, Florida Statutes, is the sequentially progressive instruction of a student directed by his/her parent(s) or guardian in order to satisfy the requirements of Section 1002.41, 1003.01(4), and 1003.21(1).� Home Education allows the freedom to explore and to learn at the pace of the individual student.� Parents who provide instruction to...

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FL Homeschool Evaluations - Florida Certified Teacher ...

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Annual Homeschool Evaluation - $28

Evaluations for Every Grade level...

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According to a state-by-state compilation of state home schooling requirements published by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), 29 states, including Connecticut, and the District of Columbia have one level of regulation for all types of home school operations, while 21 have varying requirements depending on the type of home school.

The most common state requirement on home schools,...

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By: Soncia Coleman, Associate Legislative Analyst

You asked for a comparison of Connecticut's regulation of home schooling with that of other states. This report updates an earlier OLR report ( 2002-R-0036 ).


Connecticut's procedure for home instruction is embodied in a 1994 State Board of Education (SBE) policy. The procedure, which is...

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Florida Umbrella Schools: Why We Don't Use One ...

Lupe Tucker 14 Comments florida umbrella schools , homeschooling in Florida , private umbrella schools , umbrella schools , umbrella schools pros and cons , why not to use an umbrella school

One of the questions we often receive from parents looking to homeschool is whether or not they should enroll in a private "umbrella" school. In Florida, one of the ways to homeschool legally is by enrolling...

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Free Resources | fpea.com

Free Resources

Free Resources

Organization is harder for some of us than others. The responsibilty of home-educating our children requires at least some level of organization, and record keeping is required by Florida law. We can all benefit from others who are good organizers.

These forms have been produced or adapted by...

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Homeschooling in Florida | FL Homeschool Laws | Florida ...

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Bridgeway InfoPack and the Homeschool Hero Guide


Florida Homeschool Laws - FL Homeschooling Laws

Knowing the requirements for homeschooling in Florida is one key to successful homeschooling. That is why we have provided you with specific information on homeschooling in Florida and helpful links to FL's Department of...

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