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is a Christian non-profit organization* that provides educational classes and support to the local homeschool community.

Since 1994, we have grown to 40 teachers, 95 classes, over 200 families, over 450 students, and over 2,000 class slots!

Our elementary through high school classes give homeschooling parents resources to supplement their own curriculum.  Parents, not Homeschool Connections nor teachers, are responsible for overseeing their student's educational program.

Our instructors...

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Homeschool - definition of homeschool by The Free Dictionary

To instruct (a pupil, for example) in an educational program outside of established schools, especially in a home.


To provide educational instruction in a homeschool.


A school operated outside established educational institutions, especially in a home.

home'school'er n.

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Edric Mendoza, president of Homeschool Global (HG) said, homeschooling is a concept that has been around for some time.

Global school advocates teaching...

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First Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks - Confessions of a ...


World's Greatest Artists Vol. 1 or 2 : My artist studies are a great way to learn about some of the world's greatest artists as well as learn about different artistic styles, techniques, and mediums. You will learn a ton about the work of each artist and become well familiar with their style, methods, and images. Students will also learn to discuss artwork in a critical fashion as well...

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Classical Catholic - LIVABLE LEARNING


Laura Bergquist has done an excellent job of providing the framework for Classical Education in her book Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum.  As Catholics we can carry that process a step farther by using the Marks of Education as the scope of our educational framework and the Classical Catholic model as a suggested sequence This can be accomplished by:

anyone wishing to supplement a prepared curriculum such as Seton or Kolbe or Mother of Divine Grace

or by those who use another method of education...

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NOEO SCIENCE - Logos Press

Noeo Science provides a quality homeschool science curriculum for elementary students, including award-winning experiment kits, fascinating books, and easy-to-use instructor's guides. Many homeschooling parents do not have a science background and may feel a bit intimidated about teaching science at home, especially when it comes to the experiments!

The high-quality books and experiment kits...

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Free Homeschooling Resources

Are you looking for free homeschooling resources?

Here is an extensive collection of free homeschool resources for free online homeschooling. You can use these websites to design a free homeschool curriculum or supplement an existing program.


Artist Workshop - Free drawing lessons kids will love.� They can also e-mail the artist to ask questions that will be answered on the website.


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