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In Queensland, registration for home education is a legal option a parent may choose for the provision of their child's education.

This site provides information about the registration process for...

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Website: education.qld.gov.au

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Homeschool Australia Teach Your Children at Home

Support Groups and Contacts in Queensland

Distance education options for QLD home educating families.(coming soon)

First of all I'd like to reassure you that homeschooling is a legal alternative to school based education for children in Queensland. Secondly, you aren't alone in your decision to home educate! There are hundreds of families registered with the Department of Education (see my other...

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Date: 2016-09-23 05:15:13
Website: http://www.homeschoolaustralia.com

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Home page | Department of Education

In Queensland there are 1241 state schools and 518 independent and...

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Website: https://schoolsdirectory.eq.edu.au

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A pathway to an ordinary life

What does inclusion look like?

Physical inclusion

Physically present and fully participating in the same environments as all other students for the same amount of time.

Social inclusion

�Socially all students are welcomed, supported to belong and not separated in the classroom or...

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Website: http://www.qcie.org

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