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New regulations in China, helping undocumented educators in the US, Preschool and the PISA global math test, college courses taught in U.S. high schools, International students leery of Trump could cost U.S. billions, Refugee students teach languages in London... ..>> more


Preparing to Move Abroad For The First Time

Making the decision to live...

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The Home School Foundation: Widows

The Widows Fund enables widows and widowers to continue homeschooling by helping them afford curriculum, HSLDA membership, and emergency needs.��


Your Generosity is a Ministry to My Children

Monica U., �Widows Grant Recipient

"Dear Home School Foundation Staff and Donors:

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you for the Widows Curriculum Scholarship. Because...

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Date: 2017-04-13 19:08:00
Website: http://www.homeschoolfoundation.org

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SA Homeschool Links

For more information please contact them on oikos@iafrica.com


South African distributors of Autograph, Derive, Geometer's Sketchpad,

Maths Circus, Miquon Math materials, Superspell, Wordshark & Numbershark

Complete Physics Series, Biosphere & Core Chemistry


Providers of interactive curriculum focused software for ages 4 - 14. Literacy programmes are available in English, Afrikaans, isXhosa...

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Date: 2010-10-22 18:49:17
Website: http://sahomeschooling.co.za

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Homeschool Computer Curriculum | Technology Resources

Technology Projects for your Child

Develop essential 21st Century skills using computer based activities. Instructional materials support independent learning.

Homeschooling Technology Resources

Complete the Form to Receive Free Sample Teacher Guides

Click the button view a form. Complete it to receive sample TechnoKids technology project guides. Download one or all! No purchase necessary.

TechnoKids Projects Ideal for Home Learning

Technology Projects Ideal for Home School Learning

Prepare your child for the future using engaging computer activities . Home based learning and TechnoKids computer curriculum...

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Curriculum | Australian Christian Home Schooling

The curriculum used by ACHS families upholds the Bible and the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every subject.

Scripture and Biblical principles are woven into the curriculum, ensuring students are not exposed to humanistic teaching which conflicts with the Bible.

Our main curriculum is the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) program, which offers the following benefits and features for your...

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Website: https://www.achs.edu.au

Ontario Secondary School Diploma - Wikipedia

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is a diploma granted to high school graduates in the province of Ontario . It is part of the publicly funded province-wide school system. It is awarded to all students who complete the Ontario education curriculum, including students in Special Education, the TOPS program, MaCS program, IB Program, and other focused secondary school programs.


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Virginia SOLs | Home Educators Association of Virginia

A homeschool curriculum does not have to comply with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs), and homeschoolers are not required to take SOL tests. In fact, they are prohibited from taking them because they lead to a public school diploma. Most homeschool students will receive a parent-generated diploma. If homeschoolers were required to take the SOL tests, these standards would drive each homeschool family's...

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Our 4-Year High School Homeschool Curriculum Plan

Electives, 6 credits

TOTAL CREDITS: 26 1/2 -- 28 1/2

One thing that is new for us next year is that Jaden will be taking several courses online through The Potter's School. I think Jaden will greatly benefit from having the outside influence of a non-parental instructor (and I'm expecting I will appreciate it as well). I've heard nothing but good things about The Potter's School, so I'm really...

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High School English Language Arts - Online Curriculum ...



In this course, Students will read and analyze both literary and informational texts. These texts take many different forms, including autobiographies, personal memoirs, newspaper and magazine articles, poetry, and even filmed stage productions.

The course's reading selections demonstrate ways to understand explicit and inferred meaning through textual evidence, central...

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Admissions - Homeschool/International

Admission Requirements

Homeschool Admission Requirements

CSU will require homeschooled students to show proof that they successfully completed their state's requirements for high school graduation.  Homeschooled students are responsible for compliance with all requirements for their state.  An official transcript is required to demonstrate that high school graduation requirements are met. The...

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School choice: what are your options? | Parenting

How much choice do you really have? It depends on your local school district as well as your state's policies on school transfers.

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School choice options available to parents have increased dramatically in recent years. There's a growing national sentiment that promoting competition in public education may spur schools to improve and that parents who invest energy in choosing a...

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Curriculum - childrenshospitalschool.leicester.sch.uk

All students receiving education at the Leicester Royal Infirmary are given a highly personalised programme designed to meet their individual needs. The LRI team provide education for all learners across EYFS, Primary, Secondary and SEND.

Wherever possible, students will follow the programme of study and curriculum set by their home school. Where adaptations are necessary, staff will ensure these...

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