Switched-On Schoolhouse - Lifepac

Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum - a complete 3rd to 12th grade curriculum for homeschool students. A Christian homeschooling learning system from Alpha Omega.

Switched-On Schoolhouse - Lifepac

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Homeschool Curriculum K, 3rd grade, 5th grade | 123 ...

I love taking a peak at other people's homeschool curriculum choices! So... here is what we are going to be studying this upcoming year in Kindergarten, 3rd grade, and 5th grade as well as the things we are tweaking in our homeschool this year.

Have you picked out your homeschool curriculum yet? �I love the start of a new year - getting everything organized and starting fresh!

Since I know I am...

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Secular Homeschool Curriculum Packages | Correspondence ...

Secular Home School Curriculum/Courses (k-8)

Home » Secular Home School Curriculum/Courses (k-8)

Are you thinking about homeschooling your child? Is this the first time you're contemplating using correspondence courses as part of your child's education?

If your answer is yes, then you are bound to have apprehensions about it. We understand your situation completely. That is why, at Forest Trail...

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Date: 2017-04-18 01:04:41
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6th-Grade Curriculum: 14+ Great Resources for Your Homeschool

6th-Grade Curriculum Resources


We have been using Math-U-See for the past three years and it works very well for our family. The boys really enjoy watching the videos and seeing if they can solve a given problem before the answer is given. This year they will be taking on�Zeta level which deals mostly with decimals and percents, but also metric conversions, mean, median, mode, probability,...

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Online Home School | Homeschooling | Homeschool Program

Online Home School Curriculum

Self-Paced - Individualized - Teacher Support

The Ogburn Online School takes great pride in the academic achievements of our students. The online homeschooling curriculum for each grade level has been designed to provide the proper homeschooling elements necessary to learn grade level appropriate skills, while successfully preparing our students for the next grade...

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Homeschooling Curriculum | Charter School Curriculum


Providing Homeschooling Curriculum for Academic Success

"Your kids were not created in a factory -Why should they be educated in one?"Kids Are Not Carstells the story of Starline�beginning with the research foundation and success stories and ending with a practical "how to" guide that suggests the best way to successfully implement...

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Third Grade Curriculum & 3rd Grade Lessons by ...

Third Grade Language Extensions - Lesson Overview

Language arts extensions contains several chapters made up of activities, quizzes and chapter tests.

Language arts extensions is a component of the complete language arts curriculum. Many homeschooling parents have their child complete both the language arts and language arts extensions. Non homeschoolers use the lessons for online tutoring, extra...

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Summary of Testing Requirements for Homeschoolers | OHEN ...

According to Oregon Statute, a family who decides to homeschool must register with their local Education Service District in the academic year that the child turns 6 by September 1, or within 10 days of withdrawing the child from public or private school. At the time of registration, the parent may decide to announce a particular grade level for the child, from first grade up. If none is given by...

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Homeschool Program – Ten points to review before choosing ...

Contact Us

Homeschool Program - Ten points to review before choosing a homeschool program.

Here's ten main points to look for and the reasons why. Also look at our Homeschool Program Reviews page! Learning how to choose the right homeschool program is your most important first step!

1. How many years in existence?

It is crucial the school or homeschool program has operated longer than 13 years so...

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Southeast Academy - Christian Homeschooling - Southeast ...

Accredited Christian Homeschooling- Southeast Academy

Accredited Christian Homeschooling: PreK-12th Grade

Easy Registration/Enrollment! 

Over 32 years serving families!

Curriculum, Academic Adviser, and SEA Teacher Scoring included in tuition for all 1st-12th grade programs! Best value for services provided!

Easy to use curriculum with a Christian worldview to meet your need without missing...

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First Grade Homeschool Curriculum Picks - Confessions of a ...


World's Greatest Artists Vol. 1 or 2 : My artist studies are a great way to learn about some of the world's greatest artists as well as learn about different artistic styles, techniques, and mediums. You will learn a ton about the work of each artist and become well familiar with their style, methods, and images. Students will also learn to discuss artwork in a critical fashion as well...

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Welcome to Oak Meadow - Oak Meadow | Providers of ...

For families using Oak Meadow's curriculum independently, we offer our Homeschool Support consultation service and Oak Meadow teacher tutoring services. Both are fee-based and available to independent users only.

Homeschool Support: Whether you are a new homeschooling parent with lots of questions, or a veteran with specific topics in mind, an experienced Oak Meadow teacher can provide you with...

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Homeschool Providers in Philippines - Mommy Nova

By: Nova 53 Comments

It's not my idea to home school Yesha nor do I have a strong stance on it. Ever since we're newly weds, my hubby's mind is already nailed to home schooling our future kids. And with that, I've learned to program my mind and was sold to the several benefits that this type of schooling offers.

Anytime this year, I could enroll my Yesha to a reading program that our preferred...

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Angelicum Academy Homepage

The Angelicum Academy, founded in 2000 A.D., is officially recognized by the Church as a Catholic home school program. See official recognition letter HERE , pursuant to the Code of Canon Law, Canon 803 § 1.

"Thank you for all your help and for providing excellent resources for Catholic homeschool families. I am so grateful for your loyalty to the magisterium and for your excellence in...

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Math-U-See Review and Buying Guide - Kate's Homeschool ...

Math-U-See Review and Buying Guide


Math-U-See is a mastery-oriented homeschool math curriculum that uses a unique set of manipulatives to help children understand math concepts. I recommend it highly for children who struggle in math or have math anxiety. It's a great confidence-building program for these kids, because it breaks each concept into smaller parts and focuses on one small...

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Six Workbooks That Work | Homeschooling 911

His blog Marginalizing Morons is advertised as "an online home-school curriculum, for adults!"  He has frequently commented on my posts and in his comment on " Have You Ever Done This?" he mentioned that he finds workbooks to be helpful in handling those "daily disasters" that can come along and throw all your home-schooling plans out of whack. 

Some time later I was thinking about this and...

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Used Homeschool Curriculum Sale

This past year I missed out on our local used homeschool curriculum sale. Granted, I'm one of the people heading it up, but there was so much going on and time got away. Instead, there are piles of curriculum in my house and they would all love to find a new home!

Because of this, my friend Kendra from� Preschoolers and Peace �and myself have a BUNCH of curriculum to sell. (Be sure to check...

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HomeSchoolReviews.com Time4Learning Curriculum Reviews

Reviewed on Sunday, October 16, 2016

Grades Used: 1st-4th grade

Dates used: 2012-2016

Even though this curriculum it's secular.. I liked it a lot... 1St and 2nd grade my boys really enjoyed them, but 3rd and 4th grade they complaint about the amount of reading they had to do. I honestly agreed with them, it was a lot of reading, I got tired of listening to their complaints and switched them to...

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Unit Studies -- The Homechool Diner -- HomeschoolDiner.com

Home2Teach.com has a free guide to help you plan and organize your

own, parent-created unit studies, plus several free examples online.

Homeschool Share -- an on-line cooperative of moms writing unit

studies... because many minds make light work, over 95 free unit studies!

unit studies,  provides 5-day lesson plans and activities for each book

covered, lessons for ages 2 - 12, arithmetic not...

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Date: 2016-11-26 07:41:41
Website: http://www.homeschooldiner.com

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Home Art Studio Archives - 1+1+1=1

Penguin Painting ~ Home Art Studio Project

We have been using Home Art Studio for a long time now.� You can see all of the projects I have blogged about here ! Home Art Studio sent us curriculum to review years ago and has been a blog sponsor ever since.� We love working with them and sharing Home Art Studio with you!

For our most recent project, I actually jumped up to our 3rd grade dvd and chose "Penguins On Ice" after looking at the instructions.� I thought she could handle it and she did!

I completely enjoyed this project with...

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Military – Guavers

Homeschooling in the Military

If you have chosen to homeschool in the military,�you may need information, resources, and curriculum that will help you get started. This page aims to help guide you through the process of homeschooling in the military. Take a few minutes to read through it, and feel free to share this page with other new homeschoolers in your state.

If you have questions or...

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Grade 7 Online with Books | BJU Press Homeschool

Grade 7 for Distance Learning

Lease a Grade 7 Online Kit and get access to all the following Distance Learning courses:

World Studies builds on the foundational knowledge of the world and various nations.

Writing & Grammar 7 focuses on the eight parts of speech, while Explorations in Literature teaches a biblical perspective on six unit themes: courage, nature and man, generosity, our land,...

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