How to Pick Homeschool Curriculum for Your Gifted Child ...

Your best resource for curriculum suggestions is going to be other parents that homeschool gifted children. When I started homeschooling, I was very fortunate to know a gifted mom that homeschooled her gifted child.� She took me under her wing and helped me see what was possible for my son.� Not all of us have a friend like this that can show us the ropes.� If you don't here's my advice for...

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Correspondence law school - Wikipedia

St. Francis School of Law (Redwood City)

Use of Socratic Method[ edit ]

Traditional law schools in the United States teach by the question and answer Socratic or casebook method . [22] Law schools using online technology are able to teach by this method through use of the Internet in live audio sessions. In this teaching method, students are assigned case opinions and statutes to read and brief...

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Resources for Waldorf Homeschooling ⋆ Waldorf-Inspired ...

Crafts & Playthings

Support for Mom

This page contains some affiliate links for your convenience.�You can read my� full disclosure policy here .�


Christopherus Homeschool Resources �Donna Simmons is a trained Waldorf teacher and homeschooling Mom. She offers curriculum for grades 1-5 along with a variety of unit studies, a Kindergarten guide, a very informative Waldorf...

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Free Homeschooling Resources

Are you looking for free homeschooling resources?

Here is an extensive collection of free homeschool resources for free online homeschooling. You can use these websites to design a free homeschool curriculum or supplement an existing program.


Artist Workshop - Free drawing lessons kids will love.� They can also e-mail the artist to ask questions that will be answered on the website.


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Home | Music School In Sugar Land, TX | Groove Music School

groove music school, we understand the importance of a musical education and want to put�music within reach of a wider variety of students. Led by Berklee College of Music alumnus Gonzalo Arjona, our music school offers classes...

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Umbrella or Cover Schools -- Distance Learning for ...

The Homeschool Diner's Guide to

Umbrella Schools and Cover Schools for

Homeschool Distance Learning

by Julie Shepherd Knapp, copyright 2006

Here are several Distance Learning "Umbrella" or "Cover" schools which

can oversee and provide record-keeping services (grades, transcripts,

diplomas, etc.) for homeschooled students. �Many will customize the

curriculum for each student, some will work with...

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Southeast Homeschool Expo - July 27-29 - Atlanta, Georgia

Classes, Field Trips, and more!

Get Encouragement for Georgia Homeschooling!

Dedicated to Encouraging Parents as they Raise and Educate their Children

"Get Wisdom Get Knowledge - Forget It Not"

Come to a convention where you can see all kinds of home education materials!

You can buy on-site and order too! Instead of just shopping online, you can actually see the home school curriculum and homeschooling books and make better informed decisions. Hear the best in homeschool speakers that bring wisdom and helpful advice on how to educate children. Georgia homeschooling has...

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Regent Preparatory School of Oklahoma

Regent Preparatory School

We are grateful for your interest in Regent Preparatory School.� We are currently enjoying our seventeenth school year and continue to look to the future God has for the school, its students, and its families.� The school's original goals still stand at the forefront of our efforts, that is, to provide an academically challenging experience built upon a solid...

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Dr. Aardsma's Saxon Math Self-Checker

    Calculus with Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry: Second Edition

Other Textbooks/Editions: To provide your students with a quality math education together with the best student experience Dr. Aardsma strongly recommends that educators stick with only those editions of the tried-and-true classic Saxon textbooks listed above. Where there is more than one classic textbook choice for a grade...

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Home | Christiana Homeschool Academy

Christiana Homeschool is�an ecumenical 'co-op' that uses the classical model of education and meets two days a week. Parents provide home instruction the remaining days. We are NOT an 'umbrella' organization and encourage you to contact your county homeschool office for more information about county reviews or umbrella group information.�

Want to know more about our program?

Please join us...

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West Salem High School - Official Site

The West Salem High School Visual Arts Classic team won the La Crosse VAC Regional Competition! The earned first place in the Group Critical Thinking Category, the Art History Quiz Bowl category and First Place overall! This group is moving on to the State Competition on April 7th at Edgewood College in Madison. Congratulations on all of your hard work WS VAC!

Mr. Brown works on a bowl for the...

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First Grade Homeschool Curriculum for History and Geography

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum for History and Geography

June 19, 2015


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Out of all the grades to begin choosing homeschool curriculum, first grade is really overwhelming. Not from the point that it will necessarily be hard to teach, but it is the first formal grade. You want to kick off your formal years right.

The first of anything can be tough just because of inexperience. Add...

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Check this homeschooling website for France, struggling for freedom against Macron