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The�main focus of my consulting services is completing educational evaluations for homeschoolers from kindergarten through 12th grade including special needs students.� I also offer other services including testing,�transcripts and homeschool monitoring.

Organizational Associations:

The Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania

Erie County Homeschoolers Diploma Association

Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers...

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Hawaii DOE | Homeschooling

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I submit my notice of intent to homeschool?

Exceptions to Compulsory Education ( Form 4140 ) or a letter of intent to homeschool should be sent to the principal of the public school in your neighborhood.

What is required to begin homeschooling my child?

Form 4140 must be completed and sent to the neighborhood school. A letter of intent, signed by the parent,...

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K-12 Homeschool Online - online homeschooling | christian ...


Christian Homeschool Online gives you 180 Days of Lesson Plans per course

24/7 Access

Authentic Christian Education


Online homeschooling with us is AFFORDABLE and ACCREDITED. Our Christian homeschooling online provides you with everything you need to give your child a superior education.


92% of homeschoolers use online homeschooling programs because christian homeschooling online works! You get videos, study guides,...

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HOMESCHOOLING SOUTH AFRICA - Homeschooling Curriculum Guide

Home schooling or Home education is legal in South Africa and is a fast growing market at about 20% per year. According to many media reports (see below), the education system in South Africa is not improving. Therefore parents in SA will have to face the fact that their decision to keep or to put their children in schools will have long-term consequences. It is important that parents...

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Homeschooling for Working Parents – How to Videos on ...


Celeste Land: Hi! I'm Celeste Land with the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers, and I'm showing you how to begin homeschooling your child. Right now, we're going to take a look at a subject of great interest to many families; how to combine homeschooling with paid employment? A lot of parents contact us every year at Virginia Homeschoolers, who want to homeschool their children,...

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Homeschooling in Colorado - School Choice for Kids

2. Know the law

You must provide written notification to the local school district at least 14 days before beginning to homeschool. A change in the law, effective July 1, 2007, requires parents to provide written notice of the intent to homeschool for children ages six (on or after August 1 of the school year) through sixteen. Parents are not required to begin the homeschool program until the...

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Advantages of Homeschooling a Special Needs Child

Homeschooling a special needs child is a very advantageous choice for many parents who can afford the time and resources to do so. A homeschool program will allow children with special needs to have their specific needs addressed and also avoid many obstacles that they would face in a traditional classroom. When it comes to children with learning disabilities or other severe impairments,...

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Homeschool - Resources, Home Education, Homeschooling

Get homeschooling advice and support on Christian homeschooling resources and tools for your homeschool education, school needs and student resource center. Find resources to help you homeschool your children according to the Bible...

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Disadvantages of Homeschooling - Homeschool Companion

Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Before you start homeschooling , be aware of the disadvantages of homeschooling to prepare for any obstacles you might meet.

As people become more disenchanted with the current education system there has been a rise in the instances of parents deciding to homeschool their children as indicated by homeschooling statistics . This is not a decision to be taken lightly,...

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