How to Build a Christian Home - for the family

Christian activities and interests do not make a home Christian.

Let me be more specific--a Christian home is never defined by what the children are is defined by what the parents are doing. Your child could read the Bible every day, listen only to Christian music, watch only Christian videos, read every missionary biography in the library, know a zillion memory verses, have only...

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Home | Northwood Primary School

Welcome to Northwood Primary School's website. ~~~ Our vision is to empower every child to achieve their full potential in a happy and supportive environment that fosters the skills for lifelong learning. ...

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Stay at Home Parents Support - Alberta Human Services

Stay-at-Home Parents Support

Kin Child Care Funding Program

If you would like to pay relatives to care for your children, you may do so through the Kin Child Care program. Funding of up to $400 per month is available to eligible low- and middle-income families with children under the age of seven and not yet attending Grade 1, and $200 for school-age children (Grades 1-6).

To be eligible for...

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Where to homestead in the USA - Startoff Homesteading



Each state has a different set of rules and regulations for those who want to home school their children.  This map shows the the situation state-by-state for the level of regulation.  See the " Where to Homestead " state breakdowns for more information.

 States requiring no notice

 States with low regulation

 States with moderate regulation

State with high regulation


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Home | St. Johns County School District

Visitors & Volunteers

Secondary Recruitment Fair

A recruitment fair exclusively for secondary certified teachers will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017, from 9:30am to 2pm at St. Augustine High School. Find out more and register to attend!

Outstanding School Volunteer Awards

Outstanding School Volunteers were recognized at an annual reception held...

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GHEA - Forms


Declaration of Intent Form

The Georgia law is clear regarding the information that is to be reported: name and ages of children between 6 and 16 years of age as applicable under the compulsory attendance law; address of home study program; statement of 12 month period to be considered the school year.� Click HERE to go to�the online Declaration of Intent�form.�


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Homeschool Australia Teach Your Children at Home

Links and Resources Specific to NSW

First of all I'd like to reassure you that homeschooling is a legal alternative to school based education for children in New South Wales. Secondly, you aren't alone in your decision to home educate! There are hundreds of families registered with the Board of Studies(see my other article on registering as a home educator in NSW ).

There are several...

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Home Page - Robert Treat Academy Charter School, Inc.

Robert Treat Academy Charter School, Inc.

Apr 18

Robert Treat Academy Charter School, Inc.

Apr 22

Last Day for 7th & 8th Grade

Robert Treat Academy Charter School, Inc.

Apr 26

Robert Treat Academy Charter School, Inc.

Apr 27

Click Here For The Latest Treatonian!


The Treatonian

School Store

IMPORTANT! - Please note RTA spirit gear apparel is not intended to replace the school uniform. The...

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Jagriti School for Blind Girls - Welcome to Home Page

Education, Training and Rehabilitation are the three most important necessities to a blind individual for the betterment of his/her life. There are about 60 schools available in Maharashtra for the education of the blind and unfortunately not more than 3,000 blind children are taking education in these Schools. Having taken this into consideration NFBM started Jagriti School for Blind Girls on 4th January 1989.

This School is situated at Alandi Devachi, near Pune. At present it houses 147...

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Sparrow Farm Infant And Nursery School - Home

We aim to make our school an exciting and inspiring place to learn. 

We want our children to be happy and healthy with a thirst for knowledge. 

We will ignite their curiosity through our...

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Homeschooling is educating a child in his/her home usually with the parent as a teacher. However, learning is not limited inside the home. Learning can be done through field trips, travels, outreaches, extra-curricular activities and the like. Teaching style is very flexible based on your child's learning style and interest. There is no fixed way of teaching your child because each child is...

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Canadian Teacher Education Masters Degree Program in New York

Elementary Education Course Descriptions

EDU 500 The Core of Education

This course provides study and application of methods and materials appropriate for the understanding and implementation of a variety of "generic" situations as they apply to the various disciplines of teaching in the early childhood/childhood and middle childhood classrooms. New scholarship as well as classic philosophies...

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Home []

Qualifications from Level 1 to Level 5 designed for people wanting to work or who are already working with children or young people.

It�may be that you would like to work with babies or young children, at home as a childminder or nanny, in a children's centre, in a nursery or reception class attached to a school or in other early years�settings where�children are cared for. You might...

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Florida Umbrella Schools -

Disclosure: Some of the links on our website are affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may receive an affiliate commission. Thank you in advance for supporting this free homeschool resource! Learn more.

Florida Umbrella Schools

Look here for umbrella schools (also called "600" schools, cover schools, and church schools) registered in Florida.� If you would like to add your school to our list, please send us your information . To have your information changed or removed, please contact us .

Aspiring Heights Academy

We offer our own low-cost private school umbrella option to homeschoolers in the State of Florida. We offer...

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Free Printable Worksheets for Preschool - Sixth Grade in ...

Thank you for visiting this free worksheet site!

Welcome to Tlsbooks offers you a variety of free printable worksheets to use at home or in the classroom. You'll find thousands of worksheets appropriate for students in preschool through sixth grade. These educational worksheets may be used to supplement your early childhood education program, home day care resources, elementary...

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VBS 2016 themes - Vacation Bible School 2016 classroom ...

VBS 2016 - Vacation Bible School 2016 Themes

& Sunday School Classroom Christian Supplies



The Vacation Bible School 2016 season means more themes and merchandise to choose from. Shop online in our Christian Store for VBS 2015 material. We group & organize themes for a one stop shop. Purchase for your summer early and beat the rush.

Vacation Bible...

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THE Sources - Gateway Christian Schools

PDF Version

Choosing Curriculum

Home education offers the opportunity for craftsmanship in education. Loving parents, rather than book publishers or school administrators, are the experts in education. Remember the effective methods of education you used before your children began...

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Journal Writing - Tooter4Kids

When my students enter the classroom they have two writing tasks to complete.  One is their journal writing.  I believe it sets the tone of the morning and gets them focused on language arts.  The routine is daily and they understand that they must write.  I began with just ten minutes, but they decided they needed more time....

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ABA Therapy - Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Remote Consultations


Behavior Analysis is the scientific study of behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis, and the procedures and technology derived from those principles, to the solution of problems of social significance. Many decades of research have validated treatments based...

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Check this homeschooling website for France, struggling for freedom against Macron