7-Month U.S. Certified Culinarian (Diploma) | AHA Culinary ...

For college undergraduates - Form 138 ( Photocopy of High school Report Card and updated form 137 (Photocopy of Transcript of Records

For college graduates - Certified True Copy of Diploma and Form 137 (Photo of Transcript of Records)

Certificate of Honorable Dismissal from most recently attended school

Certificate of Good Moral Character from most recently attended...

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Website: http://www.ahaculinary.com

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Certified Fire Investigation Instructor (CFII) - NAFI

The CFII designation recognizes instructors qualified to teach fire and explosion investigation. It provides the dual benefit of establishing a standard for evaluating the qualifications of those teaching fire, arson and explosion investigation, as well as creating a benchmark for instructors who wish to establish their professional credentials.

The CFII program is governed by the official...

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Website: http://www.nafi.org

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