Florida Umbrella Schools: Why We Don't Use One ...

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One of the questions we often receive from parents looking to homeschool is whether or not they should enroll in a private "umbrella" school. In Florida, one of the ways to homeschool legally is by enrolling...

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Home Schooling in Gauteng | Hotfrog SouthAfrica

Register for 2017

- 12-05-2016

We are now open for registrations for the 2017 year. We prefer personalized attention for students and there for only have limited space left, register now to give your child(ren) the brightest future you can.

Home Schooling Tutoring Centre

- 12-05-2016

We offer tutoring to home schooled kids. We are a safe, secure and supportive environment for special and unique...

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Homeschool Teaching Methods | Let's Homeschool

Homeschool Teaching Methods

Parental Homeschool Teaching Method

In this type of homeschool situation, parents teach their own children, and only their own children. They may do this with self-designed curriculum, curriculum they've purchased from a publisher, or curriculum they've assembled from a variety of sources. In this situation, parents are responsible for all the homeschool record keeping...

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International General Certificate of Secondary Education ...

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an English language curriculum offered to students to prepare them for International Baccalaureate , A Level and BTEC Level 3 (which is recommended for higher-tier students). It is based on the GCE O-Level and is recognised as being equivalent to the GCSE . The IGCSE was developed by University of Cambridge International...

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Welcome to International Virtual Learning Academy ...

Enjoy all the components of our program - enriching curriculum, teacher support and a personal mentor - at one low cost.   LEARN MORE


We believe every student is unique and therefore we offer a variety of self-paced learning platforms.  Check out our Demos to find the perfect fit for your student.    LEARN MORE

High School Clubs

IVLA is excited to offer high school clubs! Clubs are a great way to meet other students, enhance learning in your area of special interest or learn something new.   LEARN MORE

Welcome to International Virtual...

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Christian Homeschool Curriculum/Programs | Correspondence ...

Christian Correspondence Homeschool Curriculum (Grade1-8)

Home » Christian Correspondence Homeschool Curriculum (Grade1-8)

Christian Correspondence Homeschool Curriculum (Grades 1-8)

At Forest Trail Academy, we offer your child an award-winning Alpha Omega LIFEPAC® curriculum that delivers the best Christian homeschool curriculum for Grades 1-8. Our curriculum covers the core subjects of...

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Accredited Online Physics Degree Programs

Online Bachelor's Degrees in Physics

The online bachelor's degree in physics provides students with a firm understanding of the natural laws and principles governing motion in the universe. These four-year natural science degrees require 120 credit hours of work. Applicants need a high school diploma, as well as high school coursework in math and natural science. Online bachelor's degree programs...

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National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: Chapter ...


Social studies programs should include experiences that provide for the study of culture and cultural diversity.

Human beings create, learn, share, and adapt to culture. The study of culture examines the socially transmitted beliefs, values, institutions, behaviors, traditions and way of life of a group of people; it also encompasses other cultural attributes and products, such as...

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Charter School vs Public School - Diffen

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What are Charter Schools?

Charter schools are also public schools, developed by teachers, parents, universities, and other organizations that want to provide alternative educational opportunities for children in their communities. Sometimes these groups are looking for something beyond what their local public schools provide; they want to employ nontraditional teaching methods or...

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Home - Shasta County Office of Education

Instructional Services

Administrator Support Services

We provide current resources, professional development, Preliminary and Clear Administrative Services credentials, leadership development and technical services to local schools and School Leadership Teams.


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State Laws - Homeschooling In Florida

1006.03 Diagnostic and learning resource centers

(1) The department shall maintain regional diagnostic and learning resource centers for exceptional students, to assist in the provision of medical, physiological, psychological, and educational testing and other services designed to evaluate and diagnose exceptionalities, to make referrals for necessary instruction and services, and to...

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High School Diploma requirements - Insideschools.org


Graduation requirements

All students in New York City must earn 44 credits and pass five Regents exams with a score of at least 65 to graduate. Each semester-long course is worth one credit. Some specialized and alternative schools have additional requirements, as does the Advanced Regents diploma.


2 Art, Music, Dance or Theater

2 Art, Music, Dance or Theater

7 elective...

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Homeschooling FAQs | www.south-african-homeschool ...

Answers to homeschooling FAQ's for families that are new to home education or starting out on the homeschool journey.

Be sure to sign follow the 7 part FREE E-course for Tips For Starting Homeschooling. Read more about it here!

Scroll down to the list Homeschooling FAQ's

Whatever the reasons for considering education at home, being new to homeschooling, you probably still have many questions that...

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St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Homeschool Resource Center

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy encourages the family to work together as much as possible, promoting deeper learning and lively, meaningful discussion between parent and child, brother and sister.

Not Just a Textbook Presentation

While many of our materials do have unit quizzes, we promote a variety of methods for your child to use to demonstrate mastery of a subject that are much more fun, much more...

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St. Pius X | Catholic High School in Festus, Missouri

Welcome to St. Pius X

Founded in 1959, St. Pius X High School is a co-ed, four year, comprehensive secondary school fully accredited by AdvancED which is the largest community of education professionals in...

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Homeschooling Question 1: How Do You Get Accreditation?

How do you get accreditation?

There are four main ways to get accreditation for your children's homeschooling:

Accredited Philippine homeschool programs

One way is by enrolling them in an accredited homeschool program. Some of the best-known ones are The Master's Academy (TMA) and the Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA), the first homeschooling program in the Philippines with a Catholic...

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Gifted & other options - Inside Schools

Most children attend their zoned neighborhood elementary school. However, New York City has an extensive system of school choice and you may want to consider other options, including gifted programs, unzoned schools, charter schools and dual language programs.

Gifted programs

Children who score particularly high on standardized tests may be eligible for "gifted and talented" (G&T) programs. These...

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NETHEA - TN Homeschool Laws

Homeschooling Laws of Tennessee

Below is a summary of the Tennessee (TN) State laws regarding "homeschools" and "church-related schools.  It is important that you know your legal rights. In TN it is not necessary for you to register K-12 grade students with the local school board if you are registered with a church-related school.

NOTE: This summary is not intended to be, and does not...

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FREE Full Online Homeschool Curriculums!

While there are a few websites have all (or almost all) of what you need on their website, many of the websites also use books that are free to download or read online. Some require you to get a book from the library, and then others will have free instruction for a college or high school textbook that you would need to buy. While the latter is not completely free, the instruction is, which I...

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Home School Office — Albuquerque Public Schools

Home schooling is the education of children at home (typically by parents), rather than in a formal public or private school setting.

How to Set Up a Home School

The New Mexico Public Education Department oversees home schooling programs.

If you're interested in home schooling your children, call the NMPED Home Schools Office at (505) 827-6909 or visit the NMPED Home School Office website for...

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SVS High School Spanish - What is SVS Spanish?

The most valuable program for schools without a foreign language teacher

The SVS certified teacher presents and practices new material in interactive video lessons on DVDs

Video lessons followed by short in-class activities

Interactive communication practice with each unit

Instructional assistance available daily via toll-free telephone and e-mail

An on-site Teaching Partner, without knowing...

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Christopherus Homeschool Resources » Product Categories ...

Choosing a Musical Instrument

Click on the images below for a full description of each year's curriculum and to place an order:Arising from the spirit of flexibility and practicality which characterizes Christopherus Homeschool Resources, our full curriculum is designed to suit both the homeschooler who wants a complete curriculum as well as those who wish to purchase pieces separately.


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Homeschooling in Pearblossom 93553 - euducation-usa.com

Pearblossom93553If you are consider homeschooling in Pearblossom 93553 getting the right homeschool curriculum or program is essential. Many home schools in California advertise in the classifieds ads section of local papers in offering online or virtual homeschooling groups or forums.

A good way to find the best hommrdchooling options in Californiais to check out your own connections and any...

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Idaho Connects Online School

ICON Idaho Connects Online School

Free Idaho Public Online School

Enrollment is now closed for the year.� If you are interested in ICON as your next school of choice, please visit with our office about our waiting list.�

When your life doesn't fit the mold of a traditional school, now you have a choice! Imagine continuing your education with the freedom of a flexible schedule, free tuition, and a free laptop* -- all on your terms!

ICON, Idaho Connects Online...

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What is the best and most affordable homeschool curriculum.

What is the best and most affordable homeschool curriculum.

Hi y'all. I am new to homeschooling and am trying to buy my first year of homeschooling books for my son who is going into 6th grade. Any suggestions on what is best and affordable. I am a full time college student in addition to being a homeschooling mom so my budget is tight. Thanks in advance for the help.



Hi! I'm in my third...

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Online School: Academus Learning Virtual School | Online ...

Academus Learning offers 21st Century learning platforms

Meeting OECD/CERI guidance for the 'School of Tomorrow'

Contact Us

Academus Alternative Secondary Schooling

For Schools and Local Authorities. Our qualified, expert and specialist teachers deliver online, live...

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The disadvantages of homeschooling - UK Essays

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23rd March, 2015

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This report attempts to provide a perspective on the disadvantages of homeschooling. Homeschooling has become a controversial issue in recent years. Homeschooling opponents opine that it is not an alternative pathway for education...

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