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Are you thinking about whether to use the Abeka Homeschool Curriculum or a different home school curriculum option for your family?

Abeka books cover grades Nursery through twelfth. Abeka provides home school resources in the basic subject areas plus many electives and are widely used in the Christian and home school...

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A Beka Book : : Homeschool. When you embark on the adventure of homeschooling. With A Beka Book, you'll find materials that have been refined for over 4. You don't have to worry about whether or not.

Our curriculum comes with easy- to- follow lesson plans. And, with free online resources.

Abeka Academy Homeschool DVD. Use This Effective DVD Home School Program. Abeka's DVD home school program provided her with the...

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Abeka Academy Homeschool DVD Program

Abeka Academy Homeschool DVD

Use This Effective DVD Home School Program

Using Abeka's Homeschool DVD Program, Jamie is able to easily teach three different grades to her daughters...simultaneously!

In her search for a homeschool program, Jamie found Abeka's home school video curriculum.

She was relieved and thrilled to learn that she could now teach her children with confidence.

There had always...

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Is an Abeka Academy Homeschool for You? Reviews and Thoughts

How Much Does the Abeka Curriculum Cost?

Compared to other curricula, the Abeka curriculum comes in at a rather low cost. This is what the creators said it costs in 2019:

If you bought a 1st grade complete parent kit and child kit, your cost would be $716.85.�For a full school year with Abeka Academy, your cost would be $826.�That's only $109.15 more than if you were doing the teaching...

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