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State Laws - Homeschooling In Texas

A short and enthusiastic explanation of the laws pertaining to home education in Texas.

Texas Statutes

Texas Education Code 25.085. Compulsory School Attendance.

(a) A child who is required to attend school under this section shall attend school each school day for the entire period the program of instruction is provided. (b) Unless specifically exempted by Section 25.086, a child who is at...

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Co-Ops - Homeschooling In Texas

COFFEE History Co-Op

COFFEE History Co-Op is a member-led history co-op of homeschool parents. COFFEE History Co-op is a part of Your COFFEE House a non-profit corporation located in the Williamson County area and serving, Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Hutto, Taylor and the North Austin Texas area.

Dallas Christian Home Educators

Dallas Christian Home Educators serves home schoolers in Dallas, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Desoto and the surrounding areas (Dallas County and...

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Getting Started on Your Homeschool Journey

You've decided to homeschool your child! But what comes first? For many parents, knowing where to begin in the homeschooling process can be confusing. Although there seems to be so much information available, it may be hard to get your questions answered. We've put together some resources to start you on your journey, giving you the information and motivation you need to successfully begin to...

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How To Homeschool

Homeschooling offers parents the flexibility to choose the best educational method for their children. The spectrum of homeschooling models runs from unschooling, also called self-learning or child-led learning, to a structured "school at home" type of environment. In addition, there are many schools of thought, fostered by educators such as Raymond and Dorothy Moore, John Holt, Maria Montessori,...

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Legal/Homeschool Laws - Homeschooling In Texas

Read the laws regulating home education in Texas and browse through the case law and legal opinions relating to those laws, along with government publications relating to homeschooling and summaries of the laws.



Which forms do you need to fill out? Where can you get them? Here is a list of useful forms for homeschooling in Texas.

Legal Support


If you need legal information or have run into a legal situation regarding your decision to homeschool, these resources will be helpful.

Lobbying Groups


A listing of local and national...

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Homeschooling In Texas

Homeschooling Only One

HOO = Homeschooling Only One. Where a family's a family, no matter how small!© Homeschooling offers special challenges (as well as blessings) to those who have only one student. Find help and camaraderie here! We are a group of Christian homeschoolers, but have open arms to anyone who is in the same boat--homeschooling an only, a firstborn, secondborn, grandchild, etc.


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Where to Begin - Homeschooling In Texas

Getting Started in Homeschooling: The First Ten Steps

Mary Pride

Homeschooling has some surprising benefits. Here's how to start enjoying them! Are you thinking about homeschooling but aren't sure it's for you? Don't know where to start? This article details some of the first steps you need to take.

Homeschool-Where Do I Begin

Kay Green

You have decided to home school your children. You have been...

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