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Sports - Homeschooling In Oklahoma

Home School SportsNet

This homeschool sports league supports homeschool parents, athletes, coaches, teams and organizations through means of an interactive website, newsletters, workshops and free postings. They provide national athletic events for homeschool students in a Christian environment. They offer encouragement to new start-up teams as well as established organizations with online...

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Legal/Homeschool Laws - Homeschooling In Oklahoma

Read the laws regulating home education in Oklahoma and browse through the case law and legal opinions relating to those laws, along with government publications relating to homeschooling and summaries of the laws.



Which forms do you need to fill out? Where can you get them? Here is a list of useful forms for homeschooling in Oklahoma.

Legal Support


If you need legal information or have run into a legal situation regarding your decision to homeschool, these resources will be helpful.

Lobbying Groups


A listing of local and national lobbying groups and information on how you can become involved in the political process to ensure the...

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