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FTC shuts down high school diploma mill that took $11M ...

An alleged diploma mill that collected more than $11 million from consumers who thought they were getting a usable high school diploma was shut down by a federal judge at the request of the Federal Trade Commission, the agency said on Friday .

The assets of Diversified Educational Resources, LLC, and Motivational Management & Development Services, Ltd., were frozen. The FTC said the diplomas had been sold for $200-$300 since 2006.

Those seeking diplomas were given a multiple choice test and then, after paying, were awarded a diploma that consumers were told was legitimate. Among the names of schools on the diplomas were...

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Free Tutoring for Your Teens - CBS News

Free Tutoring for Your Teens


Last Updated Aug 10, 2009 1:27 PM EDT

When I typed "tutor" into Google today, I got 30 million hits. That's a ridiculous number of tutoring leads to wade through if your teenager needs help composing an essay on Othello or is struggling with his trigonometry homework.

The search for tutors, however, is much easier now thanks to the trusty custodians of the Good Housekeeping seal. The staff at the woman's magazine scoured the Internet to find the best free online tutoring Websites for teenagers.

Here are some of the free tutoring sites that the magazine is enthusiastically recommending for...

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Can Homeschoolers Do Well in College? - CBS News

Can students who enter college after years of homeschooling do well?

It's a more relevant question today since the number of college students who have been homeschooled has exploded. Back in the 1970s, only 13,000 students were homeschooled while today there are more than 1.5 million.

A new study published in The Journal of College Admission suggests that homeschool students enjoy higher ACT...

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