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April 10, 2019 By Meryl van der Merwe Leave a Comment

Episode 29: 4 Free Online History games Join our Facebook Group especially for the listeners of this podcast! And visit our sponsor FundaFunda Academy to see the web-based unit studies and full semester classes they offer. They also have options for summer learning! Many of their classes incorporate games like the ones discussed in this...

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HSHSP Ep 142: Homeschool Coaching with Vicki Bentley of ...

Vicki Bentley connected with Homeschool Legal Defense Association back in the early 1990s after she moved to Virginia. Her husband started working for them and Vicki joined him shortly after that.

Vicki Tillman remembered back in those early days, homeschooling was not legal in most states, so homeschoolers needed to fly under the wire and exercise caution. She pointed out the common drills practiced by many homeschooling families:

Fire drills

Truant-officer-at-the-door drills

Homeschooling families needed legal support! That's why Homeschool Legal Defense was formed.

HSLDA started in 1983 by...

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