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Top Rated Homeschool Programs | Synonym

A homeschool curriculum can be the best one a family has ever used, and yet can be the worst possible one for a different family. While it is helpful to know which curricula are highly rated, it is also wise to weigh the opinions of different homeschooling families and understand the needs of your children.

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Reviewing curricula

Many homeschooling families like to pick and choose...

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Differences in a GED & Adult Diplomas | Synonym

GED vs. Adult Diploma

The GED, or General Education Development exam, measures five basic areas of knowledge: reading, writing, math, social studies, and science. The GED tests students on the knowledge that they should have learned by completing their high school education. An adult diploma, also known as an adult high school diploma, is awarded to students who complete the classes they did not...

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How to Get Your High School Diploma From Cornerstone

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School offers students the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma in as little as 30 days. Since 1994 this school has granted nontraditional students the opportunity to earn a diploma from the comfort of home. Cornerstone holds a private accreditation through the Accrediting Commission International. However, this accreditation is not accepted by most...

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How to Get a High School Diploma in Canada | Synonym

The Alberta General High School Diploma requires students to graduate with 100 credits, mainly at the "30" level, unless otherwise specified. Those credits must include: two English, one social studies, two maths, four sciences, three credits of physical education, and three credits of career and life management. Also, 10 credits must be combined by the courses of career and technology, fine...

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How to Obtain a Copy of a High School Diploma Online | eHow

In today's digital age, you can obtain a copy of a high school diploma in significantly less time than a postal mail request would require. School districts nationwide have their own websites providing staff directories and other contact information necessary for obtaining copies of high school diplomas. Some states, such as Tennessee, process requests for duplicate diplomas through the state...

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How to Play School at Home | Synonym

Mother reading with young child.

Role-playing is an important part of a young child's development, and playing school at home can help her prepare for preschool or kindergarten. Practice activities your child might do at school, such as coloring quietly at a desk, eating from a lunch box or cleaning up toys after playtime is over. It can also be beneficial to your child for her to play the role...

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How to Get Donations From Target | Synonym

How to Get Donations From Target

By S.R. Haines

A group of school children touring an art museum.

Public schools have turned to Target Corp. since 2007 for **school field trip grants** of up to $700 each. The school field trip grant is the only donation program by Target for schools. The country's second-largest general merchandiser -- with nearly 1,800 retail stores at the time of publication --...

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